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I'm Zachary Lunsford the Creator of Wowser the Lazy Dog

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This is website based on Wowser anime show from 1988 to 1989

in 2018 in honor of 30th anniversary of Wowser show

I decided to make show on VLARE and VIDLII

called "Wowser the Lazy Dog"

I made 3 episodes including 1977 film


Episode 0: 1977 film (2018)

Episode 1: The Very First Show (2019)

Episode 2: Wowser Pillow was Messing (2019)

Episode 3: Wowser's Christmas Adventures (2019)

Episode 4: Wowser 32th Anniversary Documentary (2020)



Name: Wowser
Age: Unknown
Likes: Linda Lovely, eating food, sleeping, Ratso (sometimes)
Professor Dinghy, Bob Lovely, Beatrice
Dislikes: Ratso (sometimes)
Height: 4' 9
Weight: 140
Voiced by: Michelangelo101

Name: Beatrice

Age: 40

Born: April 4, 1948

Likes: Professor Dinghy, Linda Lovely, Bob Lovely, Ratso Catso, David (her son)

Dislikes: Professor's inventions destorys, Wowser being rude

Height: 5' 9

Weight: 128

Voiced by: Clare Gundersen
















Name: Linda Lovely

Age: 14

Born: March 29, 1974


Likes: Wowser, Professor Dinghy, Beatrice, Bob Lovely (her brother), Ratso (sometimes),

Professor's inventions that she interested, Officer Whistle


Dislikes: Professor Dinghy's inventions destoryed, Wowser being mean, Beatrice yelling at Wowser




Linda Lovely was teenage girl that cures about Wowser, Professor and Officer Whistle.

She also was teenage showbiz, the next Mona Lisa, singer career, and instagram star.

Linda was huge fan of Denise Nickerson who played Violet from Willy Wonka 1971.

She wanted to be acting career just like Denise Nickerson.

Linda has mother and brother named Bob Lovely.


Height: 5' 3 Weight: 122

Voiced by: Clare Gundersen






Name: Bob Lovely

Age: 10

Born: March 1978

Likes: Wowser, Linda Lovely (his older sister), Professor Dinghy, Beatrice, Ratso (sometimes)

Dislikes: Ratso (sometimes) Linda gets angry.

Height 4' 3

Weight: 123

Voiced by: Zachary Lunsford






Name: Ratso Catso

Age: Unknown

Likes: Wowser (sometimes), Linda Lovely, Beatrice, Professor Dinghy, Bob Lovely,

Ruining Professor's inventions

Dislikes: Wowser attacks him, accidentally destorys Professor's inventions

Height: 4' 0

Weight: 120

Voiced by: Zachary Lunsford





Name: Professor Dinghy

Age: unknown

Likes: Making inventions success, Linda Lovely, Wowser, Ratso Catso, Bob Lovely, Beatrice

Dislikes: failed and destoryed inventions, Ratso (sometimes), Wowser (sometimes)

Height 5 '6

Weight: 140

Voiced by Zachary Lunsford






(c) 2020 Zachary Lunsford Productions

(c) 1988-1989 TV Tokyo inc.