Is it possible to recruit all the special characters in the game? Of course it is! And I've done it myself, so I know it works. It requires some manipulation of your Lord's alignment and your reputation bar, but it is possible. The main thing you have to worry about is keeping your Lord's level as low as possible so that the manipulation of his or her alignment can be easy. Reputation is generally easy to manipulate. Basically you have to keep your alignment and reputation high until you recruit Fogel, getting all the "good" special characters up to that point.

After recruiting Fogel in the Ruined City, sabotage your Lord's alignment and your reputation meter to get Deneb and Galf. Then (if you want) quickly raise your ALI and reputation back up to finish the rest of the game. You want to make sure you leave a lot of towns and temples UNLIBERATED, so you can go back and liberate them to raise your reputation. Liberating cities with a 100 ALI unit raises the reputation bar quite a bit. And while the liberation of temples doesn't affect the reputation bar, it increases your chances of drawing out reputation increasing tarots. So it's in your best intrest to leave as many cities and temples unliberated as you can. Below is a mini-walkthrough on how to do this process

1. Warren castle

2. Sharom District

3. Pogrom Forest

4. Deneb's Garden

5. Slums of Zenobia

6. Island Avalon

7. Kastolatian Sea

8. Diaspola

9. Valley of Kastro

10. Balmorian Ruins

11. Alpha, Muspelm

12. Beta, Organa

13. City of Malano

14. Antalia

15. Temple Shangrila

16. Fort Allamoot

17. Gamma, Ruined City

18. Deneb's Garden - Sabotage your Alignment

19. Deneb's Request - Sabotage your Reputation

20. Delta, Antanjyl - Sabotage your Reputation even more

21. Recruit Deneb

22. Delta, Antanjyl

23. Raise your Lord's Alignment and Charisma back up

24. Raise your Reputation back up

There you have it. My method for recruiting all the special characters in the game!

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