Common Misconceptions

   This is where I dispel some of those continuously repeated (and what I consider wrong or merely opinionated) statements about Ogre Battle. Don't you just hate it when someone says something and everyone repeats it thinking it to be true?

Bad Stats!

     Someone created a stats sheet for all the characters in the game, describing their attributes in various fields. Attributes like Strength, Agility, HP, etc... appear on the character statscreen and are easily confirmed, but attributes pertaining to Fire, Lightning (Elec) and Black don't appear, and must be guessed at, as are the attributes for the enemy bosses. Normally these guesses are pretty close, but sometimes an error is made, and repeated over and over and over...

     One such error, Mizal's White value. Many sources list it as 17. 17?! She's a Seraphim for God's sake, the normal value for a Seraphim is 77, which is what it should be, but someone made an error [XEsmeraude: it was a videogame magazine called GamePlayers in 1995], and everyone else repeats it. On this site, I try to find these little mistakes before repeating them myself.

Alignment goes up when?

     In the Ogre Battle FAQ, they tell you that Alignment will go up if you kill a character that is no more than 2 levels below you, provided you're not killing a cleric or something like that. False! The real rules are in two parts:

     The error probably came from killing high level "good" characters, because one rule would offset the other.

Don't Forgive Deneb!

     With virtually every other webmaster out there telling you to burn this witch at the stake, it's up to a truly benevolent warrior such as myself to stop this intense hatred. Most say that if you forgive Deneb, you will lose any chance of getting the best ending. Not true! Hell, I let Deneb join my army and I still got the World ending. The truth is, if you forgive her and/or let let her join, you get a decrease in reputation, but either case has no effect on what ending you get.

     Go to the Stage-by-Stage Walkthrough for information on what you can gain or lose by forgiving or not forgiving the witch.

Fight honorably for the Grail!

So many people have been falsely informed the the evil that is the Prima strategy guide, that in order to obtain the important "Grail" item, you must beat Luvalon "honorably." Now what exactly does "honorably" mean? Well the strategy guide claims it as not using any tarot cards in battle, and not running away in battle.This is total BS! Use all the tarot cards you want, running away from him as many times as you want... hell, you can even yell obscenities at him if you want. None of these will affect whether or not you will get the Grail. All you need is a high reputation, and if you return to the boss's base after completing the stage, and Parcival will give you the important item.

Character [X] must face Boss [Y] in order to get the best ending!

Very very untrue! Those special vs.boss dialogues only serve to improve the storyline and add some character development. Seeing one or not seeing one doesn't affect your ending. Yes, this means you don't need to let General Debonair beat up on Deva Figaro to get his Durandal sword. Check the best ending guide to see exactly what you need to do in order to get the World Ending.

Use low Alignment parties to liberate cities in Xanadu

The horrible Prima strategy guide started this rumor. The truth is that most cities and temples (except the hidden ones) in the Xanadu stage will give you a reputation decrease regardless of what kind of unit you use to liberate them. Just ignore them and liberate them after you beat the stage.

If you see any other such errors (even on my site), please contact me using the email address on the main page.

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