Tarot Cards

Tarot Card

Draw Effect

Battle Effect

I Magician

INT +1

Attacks all enemies with fire

II Priestess

ALI +1

Heals 50 HP for all allies

III Empress

CHA +1

Fully heals all allies

IV Emperor

CHA +2

All allies receive an extra attack

V Heirophant

ALI +2

Puts all enemies to sleep (won't work on bosses)

VI Lovers

REP +2

Attempts to confuse all enemies, if successul enemy will attack their own side (will not work on bosses)

VII Chariot

STR +2

Loki hits all enemies with a physical strike

VIII Strength

STR +1

Increases allies defense

IX Hermit

INT +2

Merlin attacks all enemies with lightning

X Fortune

REP +/- 1-3

Causes enemies to retreat from battle (won't work on bosses)

XI Justice

HP/max +1

Attacks all enemies with ice

XII Hanged man

STR -1

Lowers enemies defense (works on bosses)

XIII Death

REP -2

Kills all enemies with less than half of their HP (won't work on bosses)

XIV Temperance

REP +2

Causes all status changes to be lifted. e.g. sleep, stone (won't revive dead characters though)

XV Devil

REP -1

Asmodeus attacks all enemies with dark magic

XVI Tower

ALI -2

Earthquake hits all enemies for physical damage (won't damage flying units)


AGI +1

Raises allies AGI for one battle


Becomes midnight

Causes enemy to permanently switch row formation (won't work on bosses except for Kapella)


Becomes noon

Attacks all characters in battle (even allies) with a phyiscal attack, lower ALI = takes more damage (won't damage bosses)

XX Judgement

HP/max +2

Attacks all enemies with a white attack

XXI World

All Tarot draws effect everyone deployed

Prevents enemy magic from harming you for the rest of the battle

O Fool

LUK +1

All enemies except leader run away

That's it for the tarots. The "draw effect" obviously only applies if you draw the card from liberating a town/temple. Obtaining tarot cards through use of Jokers will not give you the draw effect. Tarot card damage is based off of your Opinion Leader's statistics. And experience points gained from defeating enemies with tarot cards is all given to your Opinion Leader.

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