Weapons & Armor List

Many Weapons and Armors can be found as buried treasure. Because of this fact, some of the conditions listed for obtaining items such as the Karanborg Sword, Boleas Axe, Snow Cape, etc. are not the only ways to obtain them. A few special weapons, however, like the Brunhild Sword, can only be found by the conditions stated. These items are marked with an asterix (*).


WHITE: Affects the offensive and defensive power of White Attacks.
BLACK: Affects the offensive and defensive power of Black Attacks.
ICE: Affects the offensive and defensive power of Ice Attacks.
FIRE: Affects the offensive and defensive power of Fire Attacks.
PHYS: Affects the offensive and defensive power of Physical Attacks.
ELEC: Affects the offensive and defensive power of Electric Attacks.
INT: Affects Intelligence Levels.
STR: Affects Strength Levels.

Item Full Name Class Type Price Effect Details
Angel Angel's Wing Charm White 49000 N+16, P+7, W+23 A holy angel's charm.
Bandana Ice Bandana Helm Ice 380 F-9, I+7 This bandana contains ice spirits.
Battle Battle Dagger Dagger Phys 150 S+3 An inexpensive battle dagger.
Benkay Benkay's Glaive Glaive Phys 13700 S+12 This glaive is very heavy, but strong.
Bizen* Bizen Sword Sword Black 131000 S+11 In SHRINE OF KULYN when you beat Luvalon.
Black Black Axe Axe Black 18200 S+16, N-8 This evil axe was made by a dark demon.
Black Black Armor Armor Black 980 P+8, B+4, W-3 The dark power of this armor protects you.
Black Black Bow Bow Black 660 S+3, N+2 Followers of evil should use this bow.
Black Black Charm Charm Black 15200 S+8, N-4, B+13, W-13 This charm boosts your Black magic power.
Black Black Katana Sword Phys 300 S+3 A sword found randomly for Ninjas.
Boleas Boleas Axe Fire 37300 S+17 In the SHRINE OF KULYN at Tridan.
Bolt Lightning Bow Bow Elec 17800 S+7 This bow's arrows have thunder power.
Bolt Orb Lightning Orb Orb Elec 17200 S+6, E+17 An orb contains thunder power.
Broken Broken Sword Sword Black 520 S+4 This broken sword is full of evil powers.
Brunhild* Brunhild Sword White 351900 S+20 In KASTOLATIAN Temple–have high reputation.
Bugle Battle Bugle Bugle Phys 310 S+2, P+2 Blowing this bugle brings extra courage.
Burning Burning Band Helm Fire 430 F+6, I-4 This band protects from fire attacks.
Byak Byak's Fang Fang Ice 27200 N+7, I+12 This holy beast's fang protects from ice.
Cold Cold Shield Shield Ice 6300 P+8, I+15 This shield reflects Ice attacks.
Death Death Claws Claw Black 4680 S+8 This can destroy large stones easily.
Death Death's Cape Armor Black 25600 P+13, B+17, W-13 The Messenger of Death can use this easily.
Demon Demon Hammer Hammer Black 8800 S+12, N-4 A demon's hammer left in the human world.
Demon Demon Mask Helm Black 3200 P+4, B+8, W-6 A demon's mask contains evil power.
Demon Demon Ring Ring Black 51000 S+21, B+17, W-15 Beat the Demon King for this ring.
Dragon Dragon Ring Ring Fire 11800 S+6, F+14 This ring protects from Fire attacks.
Dragon Dragon Spear Spear Phys 4200 S+7 Dragon Riders used this weapon.
Dragon Dragon's Claw Claw White 720 S+5 Made from a holy Bronze Dragon's scale.
Durandal* Durandal Sword Black 139800 S+12 In KALBI PENINSULA, if Debonair's in party.
Dwarven Dwarven Sword Sword Elec 8500 S+7 A short sword once used by dwarves.
Earth Earth Charm Charm Phys 720 F+3, I+3, E+3 A charm with powers of natural spirits.
Earth Mail of Earth Armor Phys 32000 P+16, W+7 This mail's earth power cannot be broken.
Elder Elder Sign Charm Phys 53000 S+11, N+5, B+16, W+4 A charm which gives you much knowledge.
Engraved Engraved Ring Ring Black 24400 N+11, B+19, W-11 This evil ring is protected by a demon.
Eskendal Eskendal Blade Sword Fire 31700 S+15, N+3 The hero Eskendal's fire sword.
Euros Euros Sword Ice 132400 S+15, N+3 This sword is the symbol of victory.
Evil Evil Blade Sword Black 6500 S+8, N+3 Evil gods made this to beat all that's good.
Fafhniel* Fafhniel Sword Black 153000 S+20, N+4 In FORT SHULAMANA at a Roshfallian Temple.
Fire Fire Shield Shield Fire 5400 P+9, F+12 This shield protects from fire attacks.
Fire Fire Staff Staff Fire 500 N+3 Made by a magician to protect himself.
Flame Flame Charm Charm Fire 3000 F+5 Use this bell to protect against fire.
Flame Flame Flair Staff Fire 1200 S+4 Made by a group of gods.
Flame Flame Sword Sword Fire 1700 S+6 Find in the TUNDRA at Ruskayah.
Golden Golden Mail Armor Phys 7800 P+12 This mail is more of a status symbol.
Heroes Sword of Heroes Sword Phys 12000 S+11 A legendary hero's very own sword.
Honour Honour Shield Shield Phys 7200 P+14, W+7 This shield attacks as well as protects.
Houlou Houlou's Robe Armor Fire 12700 P+7, F+11 Made from feathers of an undead holy beast.
Houlou Sword of Evil Sword Phys 21000 S+15 The blood-eating sword of a legendary Demon.
Hydra Hydra's Fang Fang Fire 15200 S+4, P+6, F+8 This fang offers great protection.
Ice Ice Scimitar Sword Ice 450 S+3 An ice sword shaped like a half-moon.
Ice Axe Axe Ice Axe Ice 12300 S+11 This blows an ice wind when used.
Ice Charm Ice Charm Charm Ice 3000 I+5 Use this bell to protect against ice attacks.
Ice Blade Ice Blade Sword Ice 1750 S+7 An ice sword to use against Fire Dragons.
Iron Iron Gloves Glove Phys 200 P+2 These gloves are covered with metal plates.
Karanborg Karanborg Sword White 40200 S+17 In DRAGON'S HAVEN at Masswan.
King King's Crown Helm Phys 15000 P+17 A hero used this when the world was chaotic.
Kukai Kukai's Rod Rod White 4310 S+8 The eastern monk Kukai used this rod.
Kusanagi Kusanagi Blade Sword White 21200 S+15 Use on the Twin-Headed Dragon in the east.
Liebel Liebel's Rod Rod White 123700 N+14 A witch made this to beat the seven Demons.
Magic Ring of Magic Ring Phys 13000 S-12, N+16 Increases power of magic spells. Note: The in-game description says N-16, but this is incorrect.
Malachite Malachite Sword Sword Ice 31200 S+18, N-4 This stone sword turns enemies into ice.
Mikado Mikado Sword Sword Phys 4600 S+8 King Mikado's holy sword.
Musashi Musashi Blade Sword Fire 26000 S+12 The hero Musashi's flame-shooting sword.
Mystic Mystic Mace Mace White 7100 S+2, N+7 In POGROM FOREST at Alagoyas.
Mystic Mystic Veil Helm Phys 4350 F+7, I+11 This veil protects from evil powers.
Neil Mail of Neil Armor Phys 810 P+7 This mail is covered with spikes.
Ninja Ninja Garb Armor Phys 450 P+3, B+2 A Ninja loves to wear this black outfit.
Notos Notos Sword Elec 127900 S+15, N+3 In FORT SHULAMANA at a Roshfallian Temple.
Nue Nue's Shield Shield Elec 6000 P+7, E+14 A shield made by holy beast NUE's scale.
Ogre Ogre Blade Sword Phys 48000 S+20 An ogre's large, hand-made sword.
Ogre Ogre Shield Shield Phys 67000 P+18, B+21 This strong shield was used by an ogre.
Ozrich Ozrich's Spear Spear Ice 34500 S+14, N+7 The ancient king Ozrich made this ice spear.
Peridat Peridat Sword Sword Ice 14800 S+11 This sword turns enemies to ice.
Pirate Pirate's Helm Helm Phys 280 P+2 Pirates love to use this helm.
Power Power Shield Shield Phys 13400 P+19, F-8, I-5 A shield that resists the power of an enemy's attack.
Power Ring of Power Ring Phys 19000 S+18, N-7 Increases life energy and battle power.
Pristine Pristine Sword Sword White 30000 S+8, N+10 Contains a hero's soul–use against evil.
Protect Ring of Protection Ring White 17500 N+5, P+12, W+14 This ring is protected by a strong angel.
Relic Relic Sword Sword Black 57600 S+24, N-16 A powerful ancient sword.
Robe White Cape Armor White 3700 P+5, W+13 This cape is given to a saint.
Royal Royal Crown Helm White 3650 P+7, W+13 A crown engraved with the names of heroes.
Rune Rune Axe Axe White 25700 S+15 In a Roshfallian Temple at LAKE JANNENIA.
Samurai Samurai Armor Armor Phys 680 P+5 A tough set of armor for a Samurai.
Sigmund Sigmund Sword Elec 41000 S+19 In the RHYAN SEA–must have high reputation.
Silver Silver Helmet Helm Phys 320 P+3, W+1 This silver helmet protects from evil.
Slicing Sword of Slicing Sword Phys 680 S+4, P+9 This sharp sword can pierce thick armor.
Snow Cape Snow Cape Armor Ice 18000 P+11, I+16 In TUNDRA at Valhalla–have high reputation.
Snow Orb Snow Orb Orb Ice 32000 N+11, F-8, I+14 Get this orb from the ice sea.
Sonic* Sonic Blade Sword Phys 132000 S+13 In SHANGRILA, with Norn, but not Debonair.
Spiked Spiked Shield Shield Phys 1200 P+6 A spike-covered shield.
Thunder Thunder Charm Charm Elec 3000 E+5 This charm protects from thunder attack.
Thunder Thunder Club Club Elec 880 P+3, E+4 The god of thunder's club.
Thunder Thunder Helm Helm Elec 270 P+5, E+8 A helmet made by the god of thunder.
Thunder Thunder Ring Ring Elec 13800 S+3, E+15, W+6 This ring contains the power of thunder.
Thunder Thunder Spear Spear Elec 5500 S+9 A spear contains the power of thunder.
Thunder Thunder Whip Whip Elec 3100 S+6 The god of thunder's very own whip.
Tiara Silver Tiara Helm Phys 1800 P+3, W+8 Priests use this to protect from evil.
White White Charm Charm White 3000 W+5 This holy charm protects from Black Magic.
White White Garb Armor White 720 P+4, W+3 Followers of the light gods made this.
Zanzibar* Zanzibar Sword White 125700 S+18 Return to MUSPELM without Slust in party.
Zepyulos* Zepyulos Sword Black 248000 S+15, N+3 Return to RUINED CITY without Fogel in party.

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