Calculators that will test if a Compound joint with matching angles, faces and equal log diameters is possible.

Four-Branch compound joint in plan; definition of Hip rafters and Deck angles.

    Note the definition of the Deck Angle required as an entry. For example, refer to the diagram of the Four-Branch Compound Joint above. The value of the Deck angle entered for Plane B is:
    180 - ( DD Hip AB, Side B + DD Hip BC, Side B )
    Also note that the entered angle is measured with respect to the Actual Deck.
    Returned values for DD are in their normally defined positions about the feet of the Hip rafters, but measured with respect to the Inclined deck.
    To generate a more extensive list of values, enter the values returned for Pitch angles SS and the sums of Deck angles DD about the Hip rafter foot in Lag or any similar calculator.

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