Rangefinder Adjustment
the rangefinder also had to be adjusted to match the lens. i did not pay much attention to the distance scale.
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the three rangefinder set screws. the rangefinder came off easily after the removal of them.
(2) is the horizontal adjustment screw, and (1) is the setting screw. i loosened (1) first, then turned (2) to do the adjusting, and tightened (1) again to hold the adjustment.

the adjustment screw, (2), is actually an off-centered wheel, not really a screw. it does not enable a wide range of adjustment, by design, maybe.
the three rangefinder front lens adjustment screws.

the middle one is an upside down set screw. loosen it and the two on the sides can be adjusted to lower of raise either side of the front lens.

after putting the lens board back onto the bday, my rangefinder was off a lot horizontally, both at infinity and at 3 ft. the horizontal adjustment screw was not able to cover all this discrepancy. the thought was i must be missing something, for a design must be able to bring variatons back into specifications. if not, something must be done not within the design. but there are no reference points showing/setting the design limits.

so i did the best i could with the horizontal adjustment screw, then played with these 3 screws, looking for opportunities of bridging up the gap. amazing to the newbie, raising or lowering of one side of the front lens has effects on both horizontal and vertical alignment! at last, i got the rangefinder to match the lens, albeit by a trial and error process.

is a designed system supposed to be like this? i have no idea.
the cheesy stamped sheet metal parts on the under side of the rangefinder.

(1) is the thin springy thing that the three rangefinder front lens adjustment screws work against. (2) is the cam that moves the rangefinder front lens. there is no reference set point for the system, all moving parts just hang from their pivotal points where play is everywhere in the fit. the whole system is fluid, any adjustment/disturbance to any part has an effect on every thing else. not easy to work with.

no match to German engineering, but the cheap design and manufacturing ultimately beat German products in consumer markets. such is the world.
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