Cleaning The Shutter Blades
shutter won't open. Probably there is nothing wrong with the shutter mechanism, and the blades are just stuck by old dried up oil. A cleaning should solve the problem.
© refinder 04/09/2006
removed the Accessory Nut Ring (2120). i found it easier to do this by first giving the Filter Ring (2115set) threads a good cleaning, then apply a few drops of alcohol around the ring, to dissolve any dirt between the ring and the threads, and also to lubricate a little.
the name plate and the cds cell assembly are one unit. once the Accessory Nut Ring is taken out, this unit, the Cds Holder (4102set), will become loose and free to be taken out of the filter ring.

but, there is not enough room to clear the Auto Lock Lever. since the Light Shield Ring (2122) is plastic and flexible, i just sqeezed that out first, then there was just enought room for the Cds Holder to clear the Auto Lock Lever.
with the Cds Holder taken out, the Filter Ring (2115set) is almost empty. this is how it looks.

if cleaning the shutter blades is the only task, i found that i can live with the wires without unsoldering them, 3 soldering points on the Switch Holder (3151set), and 1 on the Cds Holder.

remove these 3 screws, (red arrows), on the Filter Ring, and the Filter Ring can then be lifted off from the lens barrel.
with the Filter Ring off, the shutter Speed Ring (2127) and the Diaphram Ring (2126) are free to be lifted off. the front lens group is then fully exposed.

unscrew the front lens group, CCW. it was very tight on my camera, be careful not to scratch the lens.
now the shutter blades are accessible for cleaning.
after repeated wiping with Ronsonal, (lighter fluid, naphthar), the shutter opens again. i couldn't find Kodak lens tissue in local camera stores, they all sell off brand ones. i had no choice but got a Taiwan made kit with lens tissue, lens cleaning fluid, and a blower. nothing was good. the lens tissue is so stiff, the lens cleaning fluid leaves residues, and the little blower is next to useless. i ended up using small pieces cut out from an old t-shirt. it worked for me.
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