Passing Patterns

Takeout patterns (pdf)

New Highgate Collection (passing patterns for 2-4 jugglers) updated 16/5/14
Here's a list of Corrections from earlier editions

If you can't print out your own copy you can buy one from cafepress.

Basics (2 jugglers)
Triangles (3 jugglers)
Animations for the magic set of clubs (3 jugglers)
Squares (4 jugglers)

Four person patterns (4 jugglers)
Five person patterns (5 jugglers)
Six person patterns (6 jugglers)

Quirky stuff (2 jugglers)
Synchronous seven club patterns (2 jugglers)
Three People, Ten Clubs (3 jugglers)

More people (5+ jugglers)

Passing Links:
The Madison Book (pdf)