W3 Schools The world's largest web development site. Educate Yourself!
Rainbow Arch-Scripts Many Javascript scripts and effects
FlashKit For Flash, many tutorials and sample movies for various flash
Dynamic Drive A collection of Dynamic HTML (DHTML) Scripts and Programs
Web Design Repo A compact list of helpful web design links
Kriesi.At Archives Article 50 Websites that make amazing use of Javascript
Web Design A section of internet.com .. has recent news articles on the subject
DHTMLX A cross-browser JavaScript library for building rich Web and Mobile apps
Cold Fusion 11 New Web Design Software I wish to buy! More Adobe.
Hotscripts A nice place for several types of scripts and programs.
Matt's Script Archive Matt's Free Perl CGI Scripts
phpGROUND.comOver 3,000 Scripts and Programs, plus classes and functions, and a community
PHP Resource Index Site with complete & snippet code, docs and other PHP related resources
FTLS.org: PHP: Free PHP Scripts Archive Features counters, guestbooks, and mail forms
FREE PHP DIRECTORY Your online source for free, open source PHP scripts and programs