it was pretty dumb.

I don't know why there was such a big fanbase, which wasn't even that big, but 90,000+ views on one youtube video plus 60,000+ on another, neither uploaded by me, have puzzled me still. The initial Yahoo fanclub in 2001 sparked me to create the 2003 "recreation" album El Pee, but I never finished it either. Now just for the hell of it I stuck these on iTunes to check the sales out of curiosity. I stuck it on the hidden track area of disc 1 of the free physical releases of Will and Jerry. But if you really want to hear 40 of the other tracks (there were still more for volume 2 if ever), you totally can for $9.99 on iTunes

I made these when I was 19-22 and there really is no reason other than I was bored and goofing off, with a little needing to experiment on my music software before actually making something real. It was to the fault of Napster installing and sharing all of my media that some of these spread, mainly "I Eat Poop." But in 2006 I had decided to steal from my own music creations, Songs From Orion and start a storyline concept. Since then, every year or so I resurrect this plan then kill it. I still may, but it would take time to remap everything out with the second 4-volume story included to make sense. Then I'd have to write the third and think of how to end the whole thing in twelve albums and just release one per month one year and see how that goes.

Fans even made their own videos: