Hello! My name is Jerry Lehr, and the "Lehr" is why de-LEHR-ious.com is misspelled on purpose! Below are two monitors showing my "fill-in" computer setup for now, before I get my real one back. The top left photo should show what the actual computer itself looks like, which I got refurbished from Quill.com for like $119 I think. It had windows 7 and everything. It has sound, etc. Do it!

To the bottom right you will see a very colorful DOS menu I'm working on as one of many many spare time projects, this one having all of my favorite DOS games. I'll hide it on my website somewhere when it's done, games included, for secret friends!


Anyways I'm Jerry, and I do a lot of computer hobbies. As you can tell from this website, I'm mainly stuck in the 90s. Grunge/Alternative and Doom-style games. Early stuff, Nintendo, MS-DOS, etc. I like music that purposely doesn't sound like it's overproduced and some would probably argue sounds like shit, but I can't stop listening to it. I generally never charge for music I make but who knows, iTunes could have some donation-friendly albums soon with lyrics. From December 2003 to December 2005 I attended college, where no one got along, and not saying much to avoid this led to 80's bullying. So with highest honors and a gold cord I left after two years to persue... something I don't know. I stopped making music for a long time but am finally back into the grind of doing a lot of things with some new friends with more things in common with me than most can find. One does my art, I bought him a WACOM, and I'll be buying myself one to try art out as well, for a kid's doom MOD to be distributed for free to everyone's kids, featuring characters I came up with in the seventh grade. (He did the sketches on top of the DOOM page if you want examples) Speaking of the seventh grade, that is when I went from piano to guitar and got into alternative. All of the music I did is lost for the most part back then, except for the stuff I plugged into my computer from 2000-2004 and recorded. I also did soundtracks out the wazoo for both my own stuff and for college projects. You can find all of my old recordings in the section labelled so. Same with college-days-projects. For music I did with Will, click the cartoon duo.

To the left is my humble abode. Okay I'm lying. To the left, then the right portion with the patio and the door. That whole garage remake is now a room, and I store all of my boxes upon boxes in the basement. Yes, since 2009, I've been back in the parental habitat. It's nice don't get me wrong, but it doesn't need to last forever. To the right, is my vehicle, the black Jeep Wrangler. It's my baby. I have so much stuff in the back I had to take out the back seat. I have something for everything, and since the Jeep is always with me, I use it as my massive second backpack as well. I'm definitely prepared for the next time(s) that I break down due to my own lack of paying attention.