1994 was a great year. The music, my youth, and the first year I owned a personal computer. It's also the year I learned of D00M.

As you can see by the fact this site is brand new, I still often play it. So does the guy that wrote this enormous blog entry.

Doom is not still the same Doom. After being available in different versions on many different consoles, modern programmers have made it their own. Check out the Doom Toys page for many source ports and new gametypes. But what about Batman Doom and Mario Doom, etc? Right?

What is keeping the Doom community alive are of course all of the tens of thousands of mods and level replacements since the 90's up to today. There are also total conversions, making it a completely new game, full with levels and graphical replacements for everything. See the Megawads page for all of my favorites and the favorites of many.

Click MakeDoom for all of the tools you can choose from to modify your own Doom mod, or DoomTalk to discuss everything Doom on the forums. There are ISO Files of all of my 90's level collections from various now-defunct companies like WizardWorks, a LinkPool, and all of my own levels and mods.

Finished pages are all coming very soon... you can now pick old levels from the unfinished left menu!