Welcome to my newly downgraded basic HTML website! I do this for the fluctual way of changing things, and adding things!
What's Here:
  • All of my instrumental and comedy music, nothing serious with words.
  • All of my college video projects and group video game final drafts.
  • Various DOOM and MARIO mods/level hacks.
  • Thousands of DOOM levels from various CD-ROMS in the mid-90's on the DOOM site
  • The DOOM site itself, featuring TONS of total conversions and megawads
  • Loads of photos and personal crap, showing off collections and spends/whatnot.
  • Visions of Levir (DOOM Wad)
  • Future video game projects, solo and with friends
  • Make It Go Away! (DOOM Wad)
  • "Welcome To The Ville" a vast forum community, just because
  • Nightmares of Loki 2 (DOOM Wad)
  • Muzakfiend Asylum <- 90's retro massive free
    spotify-like website (kind of...html & dewplayer)
  • Vintage '95 (DOOM Compilation Wad)
  • More Mario Hacks, possibly with graphical/music make-overs
  • Massive "Cesspool of Links" featuring hundreds of sites I like
  • Many hosted websites for friends and friends of friends
  • X-Boards -- childhood hobby of making 1 player
    dice game books... now a thing again! For kids!
  • ...Tons more music, until I'm dead. Soundtracks,
    Goofy/Serious, Guitar Stuff, 8-Bit Synthcrazies etc.
©1994-2015 Jerry Lehr, Jr