Thought up 1996-1999, recorded 2001-2004

Originally depressing "goth metal" or rather a blend of my favorite bands that didn't blend--nirvana, nin, etc.

We were a three piece band but these creations are all me putting everything together using a computer and plugging instruments into it. Any songs with lyrics had been stripped and the originals lost for good reason.

Made with ACID 2.0 and turned into more upbeat rock here and there, sometimes half hip hop, even techno. experimentation in layers... then forgotten about... all instrumentals, but pretty damn catchy to listen to more than once.

I only really remember the lyrics to verse 1 of "Porcupine." the rest... *poof*. Except of course for the "Pitch Black Melody" song once called "People" that I'm still trying to forget.

wicked vultures sought a weak and orphaned seed.
peck and chew the meat away until it bleeds
claws enclose another newfound open sore
flaws exposed any cause disposed they beg for more
the sight of any struggle made they gauge for eyes
mess is made no nurse no maid just food for flies
torture lost its fun, now time to wash and sleep
far too proud to make amends, just fill the heap

©2001 Jerry Lehr