This little number of numbers will be a full oldenstyle Beck-style album, 1993-ish in nature. The lyrics will be constructed to be nonsense, and the album frameset will be a consistant three-track to the next three tracks of real-ish song, noise pollution, then repetitive stupid (like Beck's "Feel like a Piece of Shit" on his very first album, featuring the same casio keyboard loop and sound effects that slightly change) Only mine will be "Man in the Weave/Perm/Dress/Heels/Perfume" with repetitive stupid going on, having absolutely nothing to do with the song titles.

I'll probably change all of this or never do it. I just need a cheap acoustic/possibly slightly broken, and a slider. I haven't made music in a long time and want to goofball it up with nonsense while stressing on the serious stuff.