Name's Jerry. I was born on the 9th of June, 1981 (to remember, think 69). All my hobbies are on this website. If they are not digital, I at least have photos. My jeep and keeping it clean and organized, while having it fixed up when necessary, I am considering a hobby. I have been failing at this hobby, however, because since the back seat has been removed, the back area has gone from super-organized to whu?. I am going to go through each button and describe what's there or what will be. Above the ABOUT ME+SITE button is the RUMOR/NEWS button which is just that, my news page. I'll try to update it as infrequently as possible so only important things are talked about. Maybe I'll have an alternate news brief page like the old one seperately via small link. This of course is the ABOUT page.

The Photo Vault will be sorted as follows: Me, People, Stuff, Scenes, Animals, Screens, Other. This means selfies, other people with or without myself, various collections and non-people objects or items, beautiful or dismal scenery and panoramas, various cats and our dog/random chickens and other animals, screenshots of desktop setups and things I work on and whatnot, and then of course the Other category for everything else that won't fit.

This page will soon include: My Favorite Things, and My Achievements.

The music page includes nine buttons: Noisebox is a future iTunes collection of everything on single discs. It will be cheap, as these tracks will already be available, but I want it up for ease of use in case people don't want to do the website thing, and just for reassurance that if the house burns down, I'll still have the tracks. These 99 cent instrumental albums will be released under the creative commons license, meaning you can use them for your video or game projects, or anything else, as long as I'm given credit and my license is included with the project even if in reference or URL. The Dybbuk was an alias I used for early ACID experimentals and remixes, that I shall use again if any more remixes or techno tracks not using Orion do end up happening. Noose was a high school band including many songs I had made up that had no singing to them yet, for three years we'd hang out, get high, goof off, and never finish anything bandwise. We fueded and it got extreme. SO Cherry Rounders is my tribute to bad things being funny. I guess Will and Jerry can fit in that too.

Visions is the two-part (so far) soundtrack to Visions of Levir. It's pretty atmospheric and I do like a lot of the tracks, some even more than Noose tracks. Songs From Orion began its first of the series in 2005 for two seperate video game projects in college. Then I just went all out with the third being one continuous track on one CD split into 56 titled tracks, then two collections becoming Songs From Orion 4. SFO5 exists in demo form, but a lot of the tracks could be moved and branched to SFO666 thru SFOX, which were planned but may never be made. Welcome To The Wonderful World of Cherry Rounders was a storyline concept I started in 2006 but never finished, and have started and stopped ever since. I may or may not continue work on it. The Early Recordings of Cherry Rounders is an iTunes album also available here for free with more tracks, featuring the two first joke albums for the pretend Cherry Rounders character, part of a joke band of a real band doing a joke solo career (Poopy Booby c/o Noose). They're up simply because a fanclub from 2001 wanted an album (leading to the recording of the 2003 album to redo the 1999 album, both included) And with 90,000 + 60,000 views on two different uploads by strangers on Youtube, I think I might actually make a small amount of money back to simply say that I did. The storyline albums could take off though.

The next button is the Will and Jerry button, featuring the first album completely free, which is also available on iTunes in an updated alternate form, minus two of the tracks, and may be reprinted on three discs sometime in the future. The next album is called Not Suitable For Work and is slowly in the making. The final Music.Vault button is left blank and will feature "Everything Else" or maybe "Los Tres Pollas" or "New Remixes" or "Penumbra" or something else, who knows. I wanted to shoot random music videos blended with youtube finds just for the internet's sake without publishing anywhere or ever using as official. Maybe even a half hour slew of music and weirdness. My college videos will appear on the Video Vault and these will probably go here instead as well.

Random Blogs. Site Particles and Strangeblog will be what will be here currently. I have other plans in mind.

Video Vault. Funny college video projects will go here as well as anything video I do at all in the future.

The GAMES/MODS Button. This button loads up some old doom mods not desired to be on my megasite for doom2. Not only because they are doom1, but because they SUCK. It also includes all of the projects, the blackjack being the first draft of what will be a new version by a whole different team of stranger folks. It will also include The Official X-BOARDS webpage.

The SUPER MARIO HACKS Button. This currently leads to an old site but I'm going to take all its data and move it to the newly redesigned site similar to the DOOM2 site but with only one top menu having 8 square buttons with excellent sketches by Josh McGill. It's purpose is to allow me to give away the 2007 Super Mario Bros hacks I made that are completely playable! Instructions will be given on the new version as well as hacks by others, and all other Nintendo roms, also completely playable in the future. By playable I mean offline with an emulator, but I'm also working with a script I bought called NESCafe which plays them online. I payed a pretty penny so I'll be testing and testing until results are made. They changed from Java to HTML5, so they've seemingly dropped support for this shortly after I bought the rights. But I'll keep trying. I must warn that it is pretty slow though, so I recommend offline anyway.

The MEGA DOOM2 SITE Button. This site will have everything relating to DOOM 2, all of the best-known mods, the best deathmatch mods, ISO files of level compilations from my personal vintage collection, and of course MY LEVELS which are excerpts from full game mods I had desired to make someday as another hobby, featuring MP3 Music all created by myself, and really good elaborate PLOTS.

The VISIONS OF LEVIR Button. I wrote this game idea in college in many versions, one being a DOOM II mod, another being an all new game with modern physics engines. My goal is to do both. I will rewrite this plot from memory, as I do have quite a good memory for a former brief pothead. I have a feeling you'll like it. The story is also parodied by Cherry Rounders, so I'm parodying myself as another character, in Cherry Rounders in Space.

WORDS will be tutorials on HOW_TO_DO_STUFF, the plot summary of my game novel, all lyrics I've ever written transcribed in the future, and all else that is written in text documents morphed into plain text HTML documents.

SITES will feature newly redesigned "Mini-Sites" of favorite things of mine. They're pretty much just fansites but they fit in the 720x450 central website frame so you don't actually leave the overall website. Also included will be fully copied website folders from all over the place, 2002-2014 of websites I've done over the years or at least started. You have my full permission to steal to your heart's content. Other sites surrounding "The Ville" and old versions of it will be here as well.

PAGES will be a step up from the 'WORDS' button. They'll be full pages of written opinions, letters, plans, and anything else I want to waste your time with.

Welcome To The Ville is my forum community I'm restarting, this time with help from Josh McGill doing a sketch of each virtual location the forums are themed under, just like the old days, only official. It is hosted by ActiveBoards for now, until I decide the annual payment really is actually the monthly payment of $109 like the bill says and I pull it for somewhere else.

The next button is blank. I'm not sure yet, maybe X-Boards or "Roll The Dice" if that gets good reaction points.

STUFF and THINGS is the files section. My files, your files, their files, official files. My MP3 Collection, My Full Roms Collection, My old game iso's maybe, at least the ones from abandoned companies that can't sue me. PDF Free eBooks. Whatever else I choose to keep or toss.

LINKS will be eventually the Cesspool of Links Minisite which will feature 6 rows having 8 columns, 48 total categories, the 6 being the main groups and the 8 being the sub-groups. Each will lead to a page of a multitude of related links to these broad topics of high interest to me.

EMAIL should be pretty self-explanaory. If I can get flash to install correctly from oldversion.com, then I can fix up the left panel. I might just screenshot it and change what's necessary, but the form on the right is really cool and well-designed. I found it from my 2005 websites archive.

DeLEHRiOUS.COM is derived from my last name Lehr, thanks to friend Courtney Cox from FB/Hometown. Josh McGill does whatever sketches you may find that look humanly sketched and colored, and any album covers that look great that don't involve M&M's were designed and illustrated by Nate Vaught. I snagged and rendered the 3D Models for buttons from 3DCafe.com years ago when it was free, except the DOOM and LEVIR buttons I bought props to make myself.