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January / 20 / 2015
Well, suprise suprise, I changed it again. This time I found several old DVDs of old websites from as far back as 1999, and I've decided to compile a best-of that can slowly change into something better and better in my opinion, and not necessarily the opinion of others. My test to see how long SongCast takes to publish to iTunes is disappointing me, as the old horrendous Cherry Rounders album is still not up. I did everything right and even marked that every song had explicit lyrics, but it still says coming soon to iTunes on the SongCast profile.

In other disappointing news, salvaging the sources to the first WILL AND JERRY album was a fail. The hard drive is fried, and will take two thousand dollars to fix. I still have it in case the improbable happens and WILL AND JERRY takes off, which could happen with the advertisement I'm planning to pay for, but don't get your hopes up, it may be gone for good. My intention was to fix up mainly the Lost Ninja Turtles but it may just be re-recorded along with Like A Cannibal. Dick and NAMBLA will be dropped, and I'll go ahead and leave the Creditors. Will was drunk when he suggested he liked my idea of reissuing THE PRIMITIVE COLLECTION with a third disc having all the other stuff, so I can't make that promise either, because it would be a lot of money, and we'd have to see how well iTunes treats us first.

The first new song for NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK in a long time has been draft-recorded. I can't get the chorus right but don't want to waste my time if I have to use a tablet with the final product being lower quality than it could be. What I want to do is make different backing music that changes the feel but not the melody, but I'm not sure. All I have now is a youtube rip of someone's remade instrumental who was giving everyone permission to use it. As for the future of WILL AND JERRY I don't want to put money into something that won't bring it back. So the first album was free, and I did so because I didn't belong on disability no matter how much convincing was ignored due to not having enough weeks to not only remember all the dumb things but explain them, but that's something else. I'm 100% awesome worker again and past is past and some people just belong there, etc. But anyways a lot at the time led to a pretty warped amazing album, but unfortunately I have to continue the theme promise I made to Will, I'm lacking in exceptional ideas like people thought the first one was full of, and I'm having doubts. This is my personal website, so I'm freely admitting this. I'm not feeling it today but hopefully will again after some rest. So far the album is full of stories and parodies, with the first and last ten tracks of 40 being the bonus this time, pre-album tracks recorded before I declared to myself I'd write a good one, and ten non-theme-related tracks to follow the 20-track album. This is the current idea spewing straight from my recent mind and nothing in stone.