ITT Technical Institute
Indianapolis, Indiana
Associate's In Multimedia
Class of 2005

id Software's Doom 1993
Classic and Horrendous
Jerry Lehr's Doom Wads:

Nightmares of Loki 1999, I liked, I enjoyed, but others hated it all across the doomworld community. I may someday create a different style or sequel, or four level attempt for good reviews, but until then, I guess avoid like the plague as they said. The other two megawads are pretty bad too, and not even linked at the moment. If you're bored and wish to still be bored while playing it, be my guest and click it and try it out with Doom 1.

It's 2015, I realize that. These are the very old mods that won't be on my doom2 site. If you want those, they'll actually be up soon, including the abaddon demo and the demo level for Visions of Levir.