Jerry Loves Brianna

Starting in 2000, I did many experiments using ACID Software and eventually hooking my guitar up to perform tracks from a high school band I was in named Noose to practice the software.

In 2005, I started using ORION to do video game soundtrack material for college. The results are available free on the right until my next venture/step up is officially released or property of our steam publisher.

When all is said and done, I hope to have a 2 disc set of MP3ROMs available for free download with an embedded media player system for PC, and find a way to sell disc-on-demand discs with data instead of audio. BUT everything is available so far now on the bandcamp page.

A Work in Progress...

Of the first six games to be inducted into the video game hall of fame in 2015, DOOM got picked. Before DOOM there weren't many successful 3D games except for another by the name of Wolfenstein 3-D, also created by id Software. When DOOM came out, before the tag "First Person Shooter" was given to a genre of games, they were called DOOM Clones. What is great about this game is the amount of third party tools to create third party levels and games.

"MAKE IT GO AWAY!" This is what doomers call a jokewad, only some levels will take a lot of work. This will consist of twenty-four individual maps without stories. Goofiness will persist. Each map has eight letters in its name like ms-dos filenames plus .WAD One of the noteworthy levels will have 256 textures, each representing a pixel of doom's palette, and walls of enemy sprites will be made.
This is a different king of game mod. It takes place in an alternate dimension where id software never existed and each episode is its own game with advancing features as it goes on. Episode 1 is converted wolf3d levels I made. Episode 2 is like Doom. Episode 3 is close to quake if quake also took place in hell. Thirty levels. Three hellish games. Limited technology. To simply be named "Abaddon."
To be named "Otherworldly."
Each map is the chapter of a larger story. Each chapter is eight smaller levels. The overall game is twenty-five total chapters or maps. This will serve finally as a replacement two decades later to Nightmares of Loki and will take forever to release. I will release one chapter at a time then the final mod. I started the plot in 2002.