An Introduction

Welcome to my corner on the vast internet where I try to share all the things I've made and am interested in.

About The Author tells a little about myself.
There's also a Photo Gallery with studio and media stuff, as well as collections
The Story page is full of updates and new stuff I'm working on/planning.
This site also has my main presentation, Music.
There is Merchandise digitally and physically when it comes to music,
and it is basically split into three sections: The Noise Vaults,
The Absynthium Collective, and Official Soundtracks
Youtube Video Reel is where its at when it comes to moving pictures and crap
I did some mods in the past, had some ideas, all for Doom II, as well as a megasite project
There are a few Mario Hacks to try out on a Nintendo emulator.
There's a Links Repository with all sorts of shit, and finally,
you can Write A Message.

If interested in an extra link to college games, visit here.
Also, here is a brand new discord server I'm setting up with barely anyone on it! Feel free to request channels.