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Raze A sweet ass GZDoom-clone which is actually a source port for BLOOD.
Blake Stone Aliens of Gold, and Planet Strike (just copy game files to this folder) See Downloads
ECWolf is an advanced source port for Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of Destiny, and Super 3D Noah's Ark based off of the Wolf4SDL code base.
Voxelstein 3D is an FPS game inspired by Wolfenstein 3D. The game uses Ken Silverman's VOXLAP engine to render voxels in software.
WolfenDoom EDGE is wolfenstein missions ported to DOOM II, complete with all textures objects sounds and enemies
NewWolf WinALL compatible, 3D models, hi-res textures compatible, OpenGL, but no support after 2006 and no episode endings
Wolfenstein 3D Total Conversion for GZDoom 2.1.7
Wolf4SDL Same as the original, but supported on all operating systems and versions of windows. Tons of mods and tcs can be played
eDuke32 is an awesome homebrew engine and source port of Duke Nukem 3D
OpenJazz is a way to play Jazz Jackrabbit on modern machines in high resolution
Commander Genius is a software piece that interprets the Commander Keen Invasion of the Vorticons and Galaxy series.
DXX Rebirth is a source port of Descent and Descent 2 for Windows, Mac, and Linux
SCUMMVM Scripted Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion Virtual Machine. Run Win3.1 and DOS on new Windows
For Quake: ezQuake Quake CD Soundtrack for /id1 folder, Best Source Port: Darkplaces
eRampage A nice little source port for Redneck Rampage
OpenTyrian is a source port of Tyrian 2000, a space shooter with a new fifth episode released as freeware in 2004
Play COMMODORE AMIGA GAMES on PC scroll to the bottom for WinUAE Amiga Emulator. or look for more here
Marathon Trilogy Original trilogy for Macintosh, now available via Source Port on everything including PC
Chasm: The Rift play on Windows 10 using PanzerChasm
Tomb Raider play on windows 10. how to play in high resolution and in DOSBox
DOSGAMERS.COM Some more source ports for more DOS Games, as well as old Home Computers and Consoles like Amiga.

Beyond Sunset is an all-new first-person RPG featuring high-octane action, graphics inspired by classic DOS games and an original story in a highly-developed game world.
IndieDB for indie games, from makers of ModDB and SlideDB
Descent 2019 A new stunning remake of the original 1990's classic Descent.
Creativerse The free version of Minecraft. I played it with my friend and fiance for months. It's on steam.
Super Mario Bros X is the best fanmade version of mario ever, with a level editor. Or if you like making mario levels try: Mario Maker for Wii-U or 3DS.
or hack Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2, Super Mario Bros 3 or Super Mario World levels.
17 Other Editors for SMB1 8 for SMB3, 4 for SMWorld, Yoshi's Island, Super Mario Land 1 and SML 2, and Super Mario 64 ROM HACKS You can search Sonic, Mario, or really anything else you think has alternate levels or graphics and play a rom hack! Some are full games made by fans
Intrude A steam throwback to games like wolfenstein 3D, spear of destiny, nitemare 3d, blake stone, corridor 7, terminal rampage, etc.
DUSK A wikipedia entry for an up and coming Quake tribute called Dusk, with badass Andrew Hulshult on soundtrack duty!
Top 10 Best Minecraft Mods This isn't the video I saw a couple of years ago, but there are so many grande creations for Minecraft it's hard to keep track!
Polybius! by Llamasoft Featured in Nine Inch Nails' video for "Less Than" based on the 1980's urban legend // Soundtrack on Bandcamp
Super Meat Boy Forever! This is the sequel to Super Meat Boy, a highly addictive game, this sequel being at Pax East 2018
Badland Game of the Year Edition This game is one of the weirdest games I've ever played, and I loved it! I played it at my friend Allen's.
Jetpac 2 Sequel campaign on kickstarter for the original 90's MSDOS game
Kumoon: Ballistic Physics Puzzle is a pretty fun $2.99 game I got on steam via a bandcamp donation, that is a pretty good challenge. I'm still on easy mode but I've "tried" a hard one, and I'm in for a very difficult experience.

Super Mario Bros X a remake of the Super Mario Bros/Super Mario World games where you make your own levels!
Museum of Online Retro Games here you can even play DOOM! (FULL VERSION!) It has all the goods!
Flashpoint An archive of several games on several web platforms since the 1990's half-life2 maps as well as several other games that can be modded
Project Warlock -- Wiki Someone wrote a full wiki to our video game!!!
JS-DOS The simpliest API to run DOS games in browser, and also: 1,900 games!
DOS Haven! New DOS Games that actually work in MS-DOS. These have been made through the years following DOS up until NOW.
Section Z was my all-time favorite video game on the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was released on the NES in the US in 1987
Mobius on Youtube: Bubble Bobble Hack 1/3 Bubble Bobble Hack 2/3 Bubble Bobble Hack 3/3. There's a NIN Level!!
Super Mario Crossover A flash game that allows you to play level 1-1 of super mario bros with several choices of nintendo characters like link
Super Mario Fusion A game created with various other video games fused to mario such as minecraft. Youtube vid.
Play Retro Games Play online games in your browser like Zelda/Mario.
RetroPie If you haven't already heard of a Raspberry Pi, get one, then go here!
Now get this frontend: Emulation Station! and check out my emulation links below!
Box Art Graphics for most console systems' games!
Best Pacman Clones and Spinoffs There are some good ones on this list
Steam -- Browsing Retro
Play RETRO Games Play all the zelda and mario (and others) online to your heart's content
Retrogamer's Top 10 Several top ten lists, top ten for each console
and even board games. Nice site design too!
50 Best Retro Games from / best-games-by-type / retro...
The Best Classic Video Games
The 23 Best Vintage Video Games that you can play in your browser
Top 30 Best video games of the 90's [YOUTUBE]
Abandonware Games has a large selection of DOS games available for download. Over 700 games
DOS Games has one of the biggest collections with over 1,500 games and counting in its database
Abandonware Game Downloads Though the website is dull, there is a massive collection of DOS games and it's easy to navigate
Free Classic DOS Games has a list of about 200 games. Each game has a review, description, and screenshots, as well as a download link
RGB Classic Games is another great repository with a huge combination of classics, previously unreleased, and even a few modern DOS Games
Free Game Empire offers a method of playing DOS games in your browser, though you still need some things
Play.VG for if you'd rather not download anything at all on your computer. Other classics include Pacman and Sonic The Hedgehog
Classic Reload Game and Software Preservation. Browse all games from A to Z
Commander Keen Fansite A whole website dedicated to Keen with fanmade sequels
World Video Game Hall of Fame 5 Games Indicted Each Year!!! It All Started In 2015 is a place to play real atari 2600 games online in your browser

GameMaker A very old MS-DOS Program for making DOS Games. I actually owned this in the box!
Twine: An interactive fiction creator recommended from our graphic designer for Buckshot
Textadventures.Co.Uk A place to publish interactive fiction, using Quest or Squiffy
Squiffy mentioned above, a simple way to write interactive fiction
Quest Forum to get help using Quest for interactive fiction
Quest download to make interactive fiction, or create online!
Inform 7 Recommended by to make interactive fiction. Supposedly dates back to the 70's?
Inform-Fiction.Org Launched 2002, Supported until 2008, and now just maintained. Inform 6!!
GameMaker Wiki for Version 6
001 Game Maker I bought this shit for like $300 on steam with all the plugins and have yet to learn most of it!
EasyGameMaker is a free tool to create online games, no coding skills required
GameMaker Studio 2 by yoyogames: Make an amazing first game step-by-step using Drag and Drop
Cyberix 3D Free Online 3D Game Maker!
Construct 3 Game making software, used by 180,000 people monthly, SELL GLOBALLY.
The Sandbox Game Maker Alpha Requires email for alpha. Coding not required. ALPHA though.
Microsoft MakeCode Arcade Save projects online, etc. Learn skillsets to level up!
IT Hare: Programming Guide for Video Gamers Apparently the writer used my links for help. Little did I know someone found them useful!
Almighty Zen Taco and his Youtube channel. There's a discord on the website. The Almighty Zen Taco does tutorials on how to use Clickteam Fusion, and he's the best.
Clickteam Fusion :: Excellent for 2D and with plugins, 3D Game Design
Unity 3D :: A Great all-around 3D Game Design program. Uses many languages you may already know.
Unreal Engine 4 :: Epic Megagames, makers of Unreal Tournament, gives you their tools
Top 10 Game Design Software Programs: Getting Started On That Long Term Project
Frostbite Engine by EA. The tech behind games like Mass Effect and Battlefield.
23 Noteworthy Engines Some have been listed already.
See Graphics Tools (further down)

Museum of Online Retro Games here you can even play DOOM! It has all the goods!
Emulator Frontends Some of these are pretty damn cool.
The Best Emulators Out There The NES Classic is sold out, but these emulators do the same thing for free
The Emulator Zone A collection of all of the emulators available for each console
Zophar.Net My favorite place for emulators and hacking tools
Romhacking.Net My other favorite place for rom hacks (patches) and hack tools.
See other links in my "New and Indie" section for roms.
The ISO Zone The world's finest retro gaming resource
ArcadePunks.Com Lots of collected packs of game roms for each console
CoolRom.Com boasts being the largest resource on the net. also has emulators
EmuParadise.Me Several roms, isos, and games for all consoles and arcade M.A.M.E. systems
Play Super Mario Bros/Flash version in your browser.
Super Mario Bros X a remake of the Super Mario Bros/Super Mario World games where you make your own levels!

Classic Doom.Com A pretty damn good resource for walkthroughs and all text things Home of the largest forum system for classic doom in existance, with many new projects weekly, as well as the official Cacowards and nominees posts
Wad-Archive A vast archive of over 50,000 .wad and .pk3 files for old school doom, including all the 90's cd-roms. Much like Doomworld, heretic, hexen, and all the other source clones are covered
Realm 667 Even though the front page focuses on the best new projects to hit the community, it is also home to the repository of resources for editing doom mods, including a massive bestiary
The Doom Wiki is an extensive community effort to document everything related to id Software's masterpiece games Doom and Doom II Wiki A great resource for all things related to the Zdoom source port, editing ACS Scripting, Lumps, and of course is where you get the source port. The Zdoom source port is now available for the Raspberry Pi!
WadsInProgress Good spot to find wads/mods that aren't even released yet, and form a cult following of a fanbase for their authors
ID Software's Website Here is the home of the Dallas and Frankfort giants, ID SOFTWARE! Creators of the Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake series
DOOM.COM The official website for the latest doom reboot in 2016! DOOM Finally has its own devoted real website after all these years!
Wolfenstein II at Bethesda id Software's legacy edition of this game was in 1992. It's had very many sequels, including this upcoming one!
And speaking of DOOM and WOLFENSTEIN, What about some QUAKE CHAMPIONS??
Commander Keen Fansite A whole website dedicated to Keen with fanmade sequels
Mini-Doom An indie game project page, with the dev page of Mini-Doom II
DOOM A vast archive of thousands of doom wads of all types.
DOOMGEON! a hack and slack dungeon crawler on, under development for Android devices.
Doomshack/Oldsites Nearly 200 archived sites from the 1990's and 2000's that are classic doom-related\\recent The most recent 20 wad file uploads to and of course the main site of, ran by doomkid and Mr Crispy.
The Sentinel's Playground is now a free, automated server host for Zandronum. is a massive directory listing server full of mods and level packs is another of the same, with Zandronum and Skull tag stuff, wolfenstein, and more
GZDOOM, ZDOOM, and QZDOOM my favorite source ports for doom. I currently am always using GZDoom since ZDoom is defunct
Zandronum is a multiplayer source port for doom.
Brutal Doom is a super hardcore gory crazy mod of doom that also works with other level wads. Music by badass Andrew Hulshult
Project Brutality This is the highest quality expansion of content for Brutal Doom v20b that capitalizes on breaking new ground in terms of gameplay, features, weapons, enemies, balance, visuals, sound, and so much more
Cacowards Every year these happen at for mappers and other such creators of wads and megawads
Realm667 starts with sort of an editorial of the best of the best in new mods, plus offers extended bestiary and weapons, as well as other things
Brutal Doom 64 is a BRUTAL remake of the original Nintendo 64's version of DOOM that had new everything including enemy sprites. Now it's even better
Doomer Boards General, Projects, Off-Topic, Music, Console & PC Games, Anime, and Mapping Workshop are the boards.
Doom WAD Reviews a place for just some guy to post my opinions on WADs he has played starting some time in 2010
Doom 64 Retribution Doom 64 EX and Doom 64 Absolution are all three attempted recreations of the original Nintendo 64 classic. I'm told to get N64EX to be the closest.
Quake Soundtrack Now On Vinyl Trent Reznor's masterpiece of a soundtrack for id software's Quake is now available on Vinyl!
Sonic Robo Blast 2 is a 3D open source Sonic the Hedgehog fangame built using a modified version of the Doom Legacy port of doom
Ancient Aliens my fiance and my favorite modern mod for Doom II --
Doom Wad Station.Net DWS Forums, Doom 4 3 2 and 1, Quake and Wolfenstein 3D
Golden Eye for Doom 2 A total conversion for Doom II of 007: Golden Eye 64 A wad section of someone's site that requires GZDoom 3.0 or above
Hacx 2.0 is a main iwad for doom2 source ports that is also it's own free game
Harmony by Rabotik is an independent game inspired by 3D shooters from the nineties. Works on GZDoom as an iwad
Prodigal GZDoom Wads are made by a random amateur game designer, musician, writer, and 3D artist. Home of Ultimate Chex Quest, Deimwolf, The Epidermis Emporium, The People's Doom, and Deim.
Editing Tools A good page on consisting of all doom's modern editing tools, and then some
Freedoom 1&2 Two doom iwads with all new assets not by idsoftware in attempt to let you play mods without owning doom
Cyb's Doom Junk This is a wayback machine archived website by Cyb.
ZDaemon Online Multiplayer Doom, forked from the ZDoom port.
Total Conversions Hosted by, these are some mods/wads that replace all assets of Doom A website devoted to mostly text information about classic doom games.
Doom II Nexus, lots of nice mods for Doom/Doom II
Unfortunately a free account is required
The Dark Mod A very nice mod/standalone replacement using the Doom 3 Engine
Doomgate. I dunno, it's in german but can be translated. Seems like there's a lot of stuff about doom.
Zdaemon Map Browser Select a wad on the left and see full screenshots and its accompanying text file
Doom CD-Rom Collection Here are all the level cd-roms from back in the day now free on internet archive (Not all are .ISO's)
Top Wads of All Time A doomworl forum post where a user calculates the favorite wads of several users

Synapse Audio were once the creators of Orion, now a really good VST company.
MAGIX Acid Pro the new owners of ACID Software, and their website.
Ableton Push and Live are two software programs from this company.
Steinburg Cubase is yet another DAW software program for making music
VST4Free is a large database of free VST plugins for piano roll or a MIDI controller.
Hydrogen Drum Machine
LMMS Linux Multimedia Studio
Goldwave Multimedia Section Old versions of multimedia software. From media players to media creators, all free.
Neural DSP

White Noise Generator