About The Author

Hello and welcome to my website. I'm a bit of a musician, gamer, and nerd. I am sharing quite a bit of music and soundtrack stuff on this site. Though I game, I play the least amount of games compared to my wife and kids, and it's usually stuff like classic doom mods on my laptop while my wife is driving somewhere.

My day job (well, night/morning job) is the United States Postal Service. There I had actually stepped beyond any comfort zone I ever had and was a badass supervisor for exactly one year before finally stepping down. I'd rather do shit like this.

In this timeframe I was able to buy a nice house for my wife and kids I can thankfully still afford. They're the main gamers now, and are pretty excited that their dad's music has graced a real game on their Nintendo Switches.

I've also wanted to dabble in game design myself but all I have are bad primitive doom levels, primitive clickteam fusion clones, and a Super Mario Bros rom with different levels.

My weapon of choice for making music for digital audio workstation is ACID, which I've upgraded and owned since 2000. For softsynth/piano roll I use the now defunct ORION. My guitar is a black Gibson M-III from like 1994/5. My first keyboard I used for the early noise vaults was a Yamaha PSR-220 from somewhere like walmart. I have yet to buy my new modern REAL synthsizer hardware.