(written for a co-worker without PC experience)

go to and click "install steam"
do the things you gotta do to get steam (it's free)

search for "ultimate doom" or "doom 2" or just get both
there's also "master levels for doom 2" and "final doom" made by different people but licensed by the same

buy it

If you installed steam to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam (or just clicked what it said) then go to "My Computer"
next go to "C:\" then click "Program Files (x86)" and find the Steam Folder. If it's not there try regular "Program Files"

Next go to the "steamapps" folder

Next, "common"

Find "Doom 2" or "Ultimate Doom" or just do each seperately...

Go to "BASE"

click the folder and find doom.wad for Ultimate Doom
or doom2.wad for Doom 2 and right click it.

Next, click "COPY"

Now paste to the desktop just by right-clicking and hitting "PASTE" instead of copy.

NOW... go online with an internet browser and type "" in the address bar, minus the quotes.

Next, click DOWNLOADS then GZDOOM (Windows 64-Bit)

Click and wait to download. It is more than likely in the Downloads folder, so click My Computer again and go to "Downloads"

Right click it and click COPY

Go to the desktop right click and hit "New Folder" and type "DOOMS"

Paste the gzdoom file from your downloads folder you have already copied into that folder after clicking it to get inside

now on the desktop copy DOOM.WAD or DOOM2.WAD to the folder you just made.

Finally, right click the gzdoom file and hit "Extract All"

At the end of the long location to the folder it shows you, erase EVERYTHING after "desktop\DOOMS"

Now you have doom with a source port. Click GZDOOM and it will list all of the internal WAD files you have in that folder.

Other games that work with GZDOOM: Doom, Doom 2, Final Doom, Heretic, Hexen, Strife, Lycanthorn II

FREE games that also can be downloaded to work "Chex Quest 3, Action Doom 2, Harmony, Hacx: Twitch'n Kill, The Adventures of Square
(you can find them online)

NOW for mods.

Go to and type doom or doom 2 for game
OR go to
OR since there are hundreds of sites still, go to and search "doom mods"
some good ones: BRUTAL DOOM, BEAUTIFUL DOOM, PROJECT BRUTALITY. <- these enhance doom a lot to make it function and look way better

Good Megawads: Ancient Aliens Doom, Eviternity, Sunlust. Actually, go to, click cacowards, and pick something.
these are the best by year. You can also just read throught he forums. People release shit all the time.

I will probably never get to finishing my own doom website: <- type that in and click Classic DOOM Megasite project. Most of it is blank but there are megawads
here too that I didn't make that made top lists in places.


iddqd = god mode (full health forever) type again to turn it off
idclip = walk through walls (good when you're stuck or lost) type again to turn it off
idfa = all weapons and full ammo (buttons 1-7 are all the weapons, check out #5, #7, and the new #1)
idkfa = all weapons and full ammo, with all keys
idclev## = change level. for ultimate doom, first number is episode, second is level, for Doom 2, it's just the level... MAP14 is 1-4

idbehold +
R: Toggles radiation suit
I: Toggles partial invisibility
V: Toggles invulnerability (with inverse colormap)
A: Toggles all-map cheat (reveals the automap)
L: Toggles lite-amp goggles
S: Toggles berserk strength

or press the ~ key on gzdoom and just type "god" or "noclip" which are the new codes for gzdoom

there are TONS of codes for gzdoom that I do not know, called console commands. Go to "" and
find anything and everything you want to know, including how to make maps.

get "doom builder 2" to make maps (it takes a bit of time to figure out and get better. I quit for years)

One level I'm proud of is on a mod called "Oops! All Techbase" I did MAP14 with a little help with detailing

have fun!