The Internet Nirvana Fan Club This site has been around for many many years...
Longer than NIRVANA's official website!. This was my favorite band as a preteen in the 90's
Nine Inch Nails official website One of my all-time favorite bands still to this day. This site much like nirvana's wasn't here in the 90's
HTDA is Trent Reznor and his wife Mariqueen, along with Atticus Ross, who he does all his recent movie soundtracks with, and artist Rob Sheridan
A Perfect Circle, Tool, and Puscifer are all works of frontman Maynard James Keenan... and all very wonderful bands! I still listen weekly.
AWOLNation Official Website Although the new album isn't my favorite of theirs, the past two make up for it! Check out Megalithic Symphony and Run.
Garbage Official though this band hasn't had a new album in quite a while and I think they're done, their site still exists!
UPDATE: GARBAGE HAS A NEW ALBUM AS OF 2021. NO GODS NO MASTERS. Their website also lets you watch every Garbage music video in existance.
Foo Fighters from the 90's, STILL TOGETHER, and growing strong. Original drummer from Nirvana is the vocalist
Elastica. Weird to have here, and they have no official site, just a youtube playlist. This is one of Brianna's favorites and my own.
Imagine Dragons Official though album 1 was the absolute best, and everyone knows who they are, I still love their music.
KMFDM @ Ear-Music.Net an old favorite of mine I haven't been keeping up with since the early 2000's. Fan Livejournal
Andrew Hulshult's IDKFA The full episode "Knee Deep In The Dead" from the original DOOM remastered by the guy from Dusk, Amid Evil, and now Quake Champions
Mick Gordon was the mastermind behind the full DOOM (2016 Remake) soundtrack OST. It's interesting how he did it, watch this video.
Perturbator is a modern rehash of 80's synthpop with new twists. I have all their albums and I love it! Bandcamp and Soundcloud exclusive, but they do shows too!
Master Boot Record here's a one album link, another, a sweet soundcloud with vgclassics, and here are a ton of other bands on one bc page.