Hype Machine All your music blogs in one convenient location
A New Band A Day It's in the title
Artists.MTV MTV has a database full of information, videos and pictures on specific artists
OurWave Each band or artist gets their 15 minutes of fame with OurWave
OurStage Share and promote music while networking with fans and other bands (and people in the industry)
Reverbnation A place where artists can communicate with other artists, talk with people in the industry and further their career using the tools provided.
FanBridge Mailing list that connects bands with their fans and even offers them deals for being members
Soundcloud Share your sounds and music, for pictures, and Youtube for videos
Spotify Personalize your page, create playlists, and decide whether you want to listen to the playlist you have created or choose from the playlists your friends have created
MySpace Artists and or bands can link up with people in the industry or with people who love their music.
Twitmusic An extension of twitter for musicians
Last.FM will introduce you to an artist and recommend another 5+ artists in the same group that you might enjoy Discover new music!!
SoSoActive A site of musical blogs