Wikipedia Entry: What is Dungeon Synth music?
Where Shadows Lie By Jim Kirkwood in the early 90's, one of the first in this genre
Dark Funeral (Denmark) "The Funeral" 1993, another noteworthy start of the genre from the "In Thy Forest" demo. Short-lived project. Rare.
Dungeons Deep Records: I have bought some rather high quality tapes from this label. Wow!
Nocturnal-Obeisance by And The Oceans Dream Eternal. I have this tape and there are more available!
Diplodocus Slow and Heavy - Tyrannic Edition (Not Dungeon Synth, but Jurassic Synth)
Bespin Moons the album A Binding Force give s off that star wars 70's vibe! Also sold with Dungeon Synth
Hole Dweller The covers generally have elves. This is Medieval stuff to the core.
Dungeon Synth Archives A Youtube Channel full of Dungeon Synth music.
Cimitir "Dark Necromantic Cryptwave". Horror stories in Dungeon Synth fashion.
Secret Stairways: Enchantment of the Ring 1997. on the DungeonSynth Archives@Youtube. Nice to see the year 1997!
Lurk Full digital discography $5 something. They have kind of a hip hop addition to a lot of it. Weird as hell. Interested.
Murgrind I have a lot of digital albums from this band, mainly because they came with my "Seven Wonders" tape free. I love them
Iskall@Youtube. Also: Longmoan: Life of Violence A tape I own. Very strange but awesome!
Garden Gnome weirdest Dungeon Synth name yet, other than Diplodocus that isn't really Dungeon Synth. This stuff is good too as always.
II random free album by II