Mario Hacks

World 1: The First Layer of Hell
Chance Zone 1
Welcome to the Dark Mario Bros. You're not on the final world nearing the big boss. Nope, this is Level 1. Notice the music and the dark orange shrubbery. And soon you'll discover this level is for the most part a warfield of bombs. There are two early star cards hidden in the sky.
Chance Zone 2
If you really want that first mushroom, it'll be a challenge as you can see in the pic. As a secret, you'll notice some purple blocks. Try to get a running start from the right and jump on the left brick somehow. You'll get two star cards early! Beware of being in the wrong places at the wrong times.
Chance Zone 3
Coin floors. This could be an issue. You will find two P switches, the second being an absolute requirement if you want to exit this level. Again, ba-bombs are placed strategically just to piss you off :) After all is said and done, you've escaped the zones of chance. Next, airships and the level!

Airships Level
A bit early for the airships level, but this one is different. Its more of a few mario level platforms moved by propellers. There aren't any secrets, unlike all of the other levels. Good luck getting a star in the end :( It ends a little differently than usual.
Level One
This is a fairly simple level with the main obstacles again being bombs. It's pretty much a straight-shot all the way through. There is an extra life hidden away in the top left corner. Other than that, its just an obstacle course of jumping skills.
The Fortress
Welcome to the official conclusion of World One. You'll notice that all bricks have been changed to emulate bowser's castle at the very end. If you can manage to stay leaf mario until the very end, you can obtain the second warp whistle.

Top Secret Area
This area is very easy to access right off the bat once you know where it is. When you're standing at start, take the dark pathway to the left until Mario stops. Now enter it as you would any other level. This is a hack of a level hidden on the original start space of mario 3. If you don't let them slide away, it is possible to gain a full 99 extra lives. The missed self-rising shrooms will reappear once you revisit the same area. The ones in blocks disappear once you hit another block. A trick for the last blocks is to stand underneath the block you just bumped. Originally there were only 35 extra lives, but now that I can add any amount of objects to already-built levels to create monstrosities, expect the next version to have the most detailed levels possible :P
Secret Airship
The original airship was tossed and the fortress remade into a boss castle. If you would like to still visit the airship, you can. When you reach the point where you can enter the final fortress, instead, go right into the fake mountain along the gray path.

Treasure Ship
Complete with Japanese symbol, its the sacred ship of treasure! Normally, it's a rare find and it's white but here, once you beat the three chance levels, you get three treasure areas. The Mushroom House, The Spade Bonus, and the Treasure Ship.
First Warp Whistle
There are two locations to obtain this, and once you score one of them, you can't go fetch the other. Remember the white platform you squatted on for five seconds in the first Mario Bros 3 to get the first one? Well its like that here, only in Chance Levels 1 and 3, you squat on the very first platform. On Level 1, Run back to your left behind the orange shrubbery. On Level 3, run to the right just after the platform.
Download Preview Version 3.16.07 with finished World 1!

World 2: Saharabyss
Saharabyss Intro
The ground charred with ashes, this desert is much darker than the World 2 you remember. The world starts off with another set of chance levels and then a fortress unlocking a set of three levels and a few midway bonuses. After you pass them, there is more treasure above, and then you'll need the hammer from the hammer brother to enter the main fortress.

The Chance Zones
World Two starts off the same as one. With three Chance Zones. These were the original hand traps in W8 of SMB3, but here, they are obstacle courses from hell. Literally. If you pay close attention you'll notice they're just the first three levels rearranged and put through make-overs. At the time of writing this I haven't worked much on them, but they'll be evil. You can trust me on that one.
The Fortress
In order to take a shortcut later on if you didn't snag 99 lives in world 1 or you did and you just suck, here lies the fortress. It is also required to continue to the rest of the world. There are three chance levels, a halfway fortress to unlock the three regular levels. Both sets are followed by treasure, a spade bonus and a mushroom house for both. Remember to fight the hammer bros in order to break the rock to the concluding fortress.
Level A
Level B

Level C
The Final Fortress
And here we finally put a conclusion to World 2.
Top Secret Area
You'll See a Pyramid on the top left of the W2 Map which is visibly inaccessable. Untrue. Just go left at start again, only this time, travel to the top of the screen and go right. This takes place of a tunnel. You'll end up where you see mario in the pic above. Move to the right to reveal the area below. To return, re-enter the pyramid.

Top Secret Level
aaand Welcome to the original pyramid. You must pass this level in order to access the two hammer brothers. One holds the third and final warp whistle! Though much like the original Mario 3 I'm not sure why you would even need it anymore at this point. And of course you may also take the raft around to another treasure ship!

World 3: The Great Flood

World 4: The Land of Giants

Welcome to the Mutation World. This is a highly colorful release from the darker depths of hell in which a few of the original antagonists have mutated into oversized monstrosities. This world is a large obstacle course that starts out with three more chance zones and then cuts you off halfway with a fortress opening a lock to the second half. Return to go as you would in a board game and take the other tunnel for three more chance zones and another fortress. The second fortress is optional, but passing it yields many a treasure. Then its on to the Last fortress to defeat the boss and knock on heaven's door!

World 5: At Heaven's Door

Welcome to Heaven's Gate! No, this isn't that cult where they all downed Kool-Aid with poison for reincarnation. No, it's a strange release from the worlds before in which you travel into the sky for a journey through treasure. If your 99 Lives are running low from World 1 because you took the legitimate route and didn't warp, here is the halfway point for you to refresh your health. You're definetly going to need it, because W6: Hell Freezes Over and W7: The Labyrinth hold the hardest challenges of this entire game expansion.

World 6: Hell Freezes Over

Welcome to Hell Freezes Over, World 6 of Super Mario Bros 3. Be careful where you step throughout this entire world. Reason being, that long chain of Chance Zones you see? There are two of them equal in size. That's right. Two Sets of Five Chance Levels. And if you bypassed any levels by chance, you'll have to cross back over eventually, so good luck with that!