(or soon to be)

Welcome to Muzakfiend's Asylum. Here you'll find a collection of fansites, news, downloads, sound files, underground bands, music tools, and even more when everything's complete and going. For now there are a few fansites but the number will multiply and multiply as time passes. This page is new. The music fansites will update each time a new album comes out.
Just now came back to the music site for more work (very little though). I'm making the topleft group the only ones I make since they'll be my FAVORITE music groups/bands. The others will just be links
Stabbing Westward & Insane Clown Posse & *cough*bloodhound *ahem* gang*cough* added and KMFDM button reversed to MDFMK. Slipknot & KoRn started a little bit. KMFDM submitted to a few search engines.
Currently, the KMFDM page is uploaded and ready for visits. It's counter is up already in the 3 hundreds but that's because it's just the old site remodeled and updated with more stuff. Other pages that you might see soon are stabbing westward, slipknot, insane clown posse, & korn. they're pretty much done, just have to put them up somewhere. This is the first day muzakfiend's asylum is available online again. Everything's starting over. Today's the first day of being online
All started. Working on remodeling KMFDM, starting on stabbing westward, bhg, redoing some of insane clown posse & updating stuff on it. That's all.

Guestbook coming soon