START -> BEGIN: An animated wallpaper selection screen, the same screen that happens when the age loads.
START -> STORY: Big news and little news. The top section is important stuff like releases, bottom updates.
START -> PROPS: Credits from mainly artists who have worked on stuff for me, and then web awards I've won.
START -> PAGES: The Sitemap (This page) that in explains in one line for each sub-page what is there.

JERRY -> ABOUT: The obligatory "About Me" section with minor things I want to tell about myself.
JERRY -> FAVES: A small tribute to all my favorite artists and bands with graphical representations.
JERRY -> PHOTO: Various photos of the studio/office and media shelf, other stuff, and me and my wife.
JERRY -> VIDEO: Various home videos and nonsense I've created. Soon I'll split this one from the one under music.
JERRY -> BEWKS: The outside covers and a few inner scans each of my favorite journals. These have notes and plans.
JERRY -> WRITE: My chatbox to leave messages, as well as an email form, to leave more private messages not for others.

MUSIC -> NOISE: "The Noise Vaults" a series of albums created starting late 2021 that include stuff with guitar.
MUSIC -> SYNTH: Much like the last, this is the synth stuff. Both of these began years ago and are being reworked.
MUSIC -> SDTRK: Various soundtracks I've worked on. Well, one so far. Project Warlock. My next is Project Warlock 2.
MUSIC -> MERCH: Stuff I'm releasing in physical format such as CDs and a USB to come, as well as stickers, etc.
MUSIC -> VIDEO: Soon to be seperate from the Jerry section, this will have ONLY music videos and albums with stills.
MUSIC -> FUNNY: NSFW "Mature" (yeah right) music. Home of Cherry Rounders as well as Will and Jerry

GAMES -> CARDS: "No Limits Blackjack" a fun downloadable (and still playable) blackjack game I helped with in college.
GAMES -> FLASH: the 2nd and 3rd games from college, playable with a downloadable flash player, as well as newgrounds.
GAMES -> DOOM2: Various doom wads from my youth up to now, and many more to come. Also my doom megasite.
GAMES -> MARIO: Various mario hacks, including a lot of my own, one finished, several NOT that play in emulators.
GAMES -> MODBX: Hacks/Mods of (so far) Mario, Sonic, Keen, Wolf3D, Raven Games, and Quake. There will be more later.
GAMES -> BOARD: X-Boards, a single player roll-the-die-and-go dice game you can either make yourself or play here.
GAMES -> 2DICE: Dice Probabilities and games I'm making up featuring two dice being rolled instead of just one.
GAMES -> COINS: Don't carry dice with you? Bored in a waiting room? Surely you have a coin. This is to pass time.
GAMES -> TEXTY: Welcome to "Textual Activity," home of future Interactive Fiction game "Otherworldly."

STUFF -> HOWTO: So far just one how to guide I wrote on how to get doom working for those who don't know computers.
STUFF -> FILEZ: A collection of my favorite old programs and games from several companies that no longer exist.
STUFF -> WORDS: Soon to be the handwritten portion of this website with random writings. Right now it has one poem.
STUFF -> TAPES: Various audio cassette rips coming soon, including a rap tape I made way back in 1990 when I was 10.
STUFF -> BATCH: A much longer HOWTO guide on how to write batch, with downloadable MSDOS Games bundle with menu.

SITES -> WIFEY: A small art site I made for my wife with all of her artwork. She also did most sketches on my page.
SITES -> BSHOT: The official buckshot software website I was asked if I could create for a lil' $$. Needs updated.
SITES -> LUKES: Luke Wilson, partner in Absolute Audio, made this as our website. I'm also featuring his bandcamp.
SITES -> OLDER: This will soon have my previous 60+ represented with screenshots and info. Some have links still.
SITES -> VILLE: "The Ville Community Project" a forum system I've been thinking up for years that will never work out.
SITES -> FUNNY: I'm going to bring back some ridiculously retarded music videos and songs from my past and present.
SITES -> DOOM2: The Classic DOOM Megasite Project I've let sit dorment for years with few updates here and there.
SITES -> MUZAK: Favorite bands section again, this time with a ton of samples to try to persuade you into them too.
SITES -> MSDOS: A long list with descriptions and information of many back-in-the-day DOS Games I played. Shareware.

LINKS -> GAMES: Various links to roms, throwback games, old retro games, all other games, and id Soft-related links.
LINKS -> MUSIC: Various music composition, artists and bands, bandcamp bands, bandcamp, dungeon synth, links.
LINKS -> TECHY: Various technology links. Web design, graphic design, video editing, other things to come as well.
LINKS -> BTTNS: Neocities, my host, does this thing where we make ourselves or each other buttons to link to sites.
LINKS -> OTHER: Anything else goes here.