The "WORDS" Page will eventually be scans of an entire journal created specifically for this purpose.

For now... one single recent poem from February 14, 2022:

Before you arrived I was dying in the sand
Drained in the desert, a withering plant
You've always been one to keep flowers alive
Watered me daily and helped me survive
I know you are beautiful but you won't see
You only put water and love into me
I regrew and regrew, you snipped off the bad
You gave me some seeds and you called me a dad
You watered with love and you did it too much
I grew too tall and fell out of touch
I've drained you of water and so have our seeds
We used your resources and are killing a tree
I wanted to save you and all that I want
Is to always repay you. Not in gold, just love
I'll water you daily I'll trim off the bad
You were a beautiful mother and now we are sad
Through storms and tsunamis, through wild forest fires
We can't be burned up and we will not expire
Until we are old and we grow to a whisper
Until we're forgotten or rotten and withered
Our bruises will heal but stay a reminder
We've grown through it all much stronger and wiser
I can't grow without you I can't live or be
I want to grow with you for others to see
And when we are old our seeds will remember
Our fruits will be eaten our rings will all end here
Some will make ashes and soil when perished
We can make paper for others to cherish
Our fruits will make colors our roots will make covers
We'll be here forever for poets and lovers
From keepsakes and photos to letters for others
For more beautiful children with beautiful mothers
See there's reasons to grow, through you don't see the sky
We'll stay here forever even when we die
So before we grow old and before we grow wiser
I promise to help you to grow even brighter
Through winter and summer and all of the weather
Two trees together, forever and ever

(for my wife)

though it's not very clear, paper was a metaphor for being in memory of children's children's children, etc. a "family tree" and also teaching our children to teach their children and so forth. Being inspirations for the next, and yes, we're trying to have a baby! I'm the only one who doesn't like his writing so here you go, I actually posted this on my page.