THE TOP Welcome to Jerry's high-resolution "showcase" website. For the normal-resolution "personal" website, click the button near the top of the left menu. The main menu on the VERY top of the left menu is just news and communications/copyrights (Basic stuff). There are two sources of news and updates, the news which I've written from scratch, and my blog where I get a little more into detail and also have random posts. To communicate with me personally, you can drop a message publically on the shoutbox in the middle of the right menu. You may also leave a message on the older but paid c-box on the personal site, under "jerry" then "write." or hell, just click here. If you want to chat where I may eventually be on at the same time, try the IRC button and set up a client if you don't already use 80s-style Internet Relay Chat. A lot of people do ;) The links button currently doesn't do anything, because I haven't transferred everything yet. The copyright button has credits and information on the website beyond myself, such as props and awards as well.

MUSIC SECTION This is the serious music section. There's a goofy ate up nsfw nonsense thing on the bottom right explained later (or hell just click and skip that). Anyways The Noise Vaults is all of my stuff since 2000 that has guitar or crazily-chopped drum loops to create new beats, or both. These were almost always made in the software ACID. The "Vaults" series now in effect since 2021 on this page also use the software Orion now in places. Synth Collection leads to my Absynthium tracks all made usually in Orion software and they may or may not be pulled out and added to within my old software ACID. There's also, you know, the obvious Project Warlock Soundtrack which is probably why you're here. There's also those of you from the neocities webhost/social network that could have come for that reason I understand, but hey, check out the soundtrack if so!

DOOOOOOOOM!! My secondary website is themed for DOOM because of the host I got access to for it,! It's under my gaming alias "dybbuk" i've used off and on since 2000. It features MOST of the gaming and music stuff you'll find here, but also gets into detail about my personal doom mods. If you want MORE detail hit my personal website itself and visit GAMES->DOOM2 for the rundown of everything possible possibly with too much to offer in the realm of information. Then there's the CLASSIC DOOM MEGASITE PROJECT! which I'm contemplating adding to soon with a chunk of new stuff (so I can let it lay dorment for more years possibly) but still, it looks very nice, and I should give it more attention!

/GAMESTUFF As for gaming stuff, there's the stuff on my personal and second doom sites, which includes blackjack, flash games, you name it. but here we have the major websites, Jerry's Modbox, Cards Coins and Dice, and Buckshot Software's official website. I figure these would be the coolest to look at, unless you really want to see that blackjack game Will did voices for and I did like ten tracks for then remixes after ;) The modbox features Mario, Commander Keen, Sonic the Hedgehog, Wolfenstein 3-D, Raven Software (1990's), and Quake! There will be tons of info and mods soon, just not yet except for some mario, keen, and wolf3d stuff on occasion like mods. Buckshot software is my responsibility and though I've been slipping on the news I've been needing to pull a full day or more full on redo, or fill-up like I do my other warlock homages. The Cards will also have the blackjack game I mentioned earlier, and future card games and tricks I'm going to add. Coins has a coin toss game and coin-to-dice conversion chart (meh. soon. I'm sorry). Also the dice games, probabilities, X-BOARDS idea from age 11, and FRUSTRATION, a full 13-level game for X-BOARDS! There's to be and already a lot of other shit too.

OTHER WEBSITES Here we have sketches, watercolors, and pixel arts by my wife Brianna and stuff artwise by my daughter Aila underneath that. The MUZAKFIEND! page will have samples of all my favorite bands and then some. It's mainly 90's I'll also have the goods like fonts, icons, wallpapers, video links for youtube, vimeo, and other stuff! The MS-DOS GAMERIOT! page will have links to hundreds of my favorite dos shareware, freeware, and abandonware games from the 80's and 90's. The VILLE COMMUNITY will one day be finished, and hopefully someday after be, you know, worthy of population. I'm planning the other three districts, then having custom huge headers for every forum, as well as informative links and whatnot for each "shop." I dunno, I thought it was a cool idea back in 2003. This is like the 2021 remake attempt #4 or something.

NONSENSE GENIUSLY-STUPID MUSIC This shit is NSFW and generally not for children. It's like Southpark but not as cool. You can more or less read about Cherry Rounders and Will and Jerry on the pages listed in the bottom right under the shoutbox. I really don't need to re-explain :)

START -> BEGIN: An animated wallpaper selection screen, the same screen that happens when the age loads.
START -> STORY: Big news and little news. The top section is important stuff like releases, bottom updates.
START -> PROPS: Credits from mainly artists who have worked on stuff for me, and then web awards I've won.
START -> PAGES: The Sitemap (This page) that in explains in one line for each sub-page what is there.

JERRY -> ABOUT: The obligatory "About Me" section with minor things I want to tell about myself.
JERRY -> FAVES: A small tribute to all my favorite artists and bands with graphical representations.
JERRY -> PHOTO: Various photos of the studio/office and media shelf, other stuff, and me and my wife.
JERRY -> VIDEO: Various home videos and nonsense I've created. Soon I'll split this one from the one under music.
JERRY -> BEWKS: The outside covers and a few inner scans each of my favorite journals. These have notes and plans.
JERRY -> WRITE: My chatbox to leave messages, as well as an email form, to leave more private messages not for others.

MUSIC -> NOISE: "The Noise Vaults" a series of albums created starting late 2021 that include stuff with guitar.
MUSIC -> SYNTH: Much like the last, this is the synth stuff. Both of these began years ago and are being reworked.
MUSIC -> SDTRK: Various soundtracks I've worked on. Well, one so far. Project Warlock. My next is Project Warlock 2.
MUSIC -> MERCH: Stuff I'm releasing in physical format such as CDs and a USB to come, as well as stickers, etc.
MUSIC -> VIDEO: Soon to be seperate from the Jerry section, this will have ONLY music videos and albums with stills.
MUSIC -> FUNNY: NSFW "Mature" (yeah right) music. Home of Cherry Rounders as well as Will and Jerry

GAMES -> CARDS: "No Limits Blackjack" a fun downloadable (and still playable) blackjack game I helped with in college.
GAMES -> FLASH: the 2nd and 3rd games from college, playable with a downloadable flash player, as well as newgrounds.
GAMES -> DOOM2: Various doom wads from my youth up to now, and many more to come. Also my doom megasite.
GAMES -> MARIO: Various mario hacks, including a lot of my own, one finished, several NOT that play in emulators.
GAMES -> MODBX: Hacks/Mods of (so far) Mario, Sonic, Keen, Wolf3D, Raven Games, and Quake. There will be more later.
GAMES -> BOARD: X-Boards, a single player roll-the-die-and-go dice game you can either make yourself or play here.
GAMES -> 2DICE: Dice Probabilities and games I'm making up featuring two dice being rolled instead of just one.
GAMES -> COINS: Don't carry dice with you? Bored in a waiting room? Surely you have a coin. This is to pass time.
GAMES -> TEXTY: Welcome to "Textual Activity," home of future Interactive Fiction game "Otherworldly."

STUFF -> HOWTO: So far just one how to guide I wrote on how to get doom working for those who don't know computers.
STUFF -> FILEZ: A collection of my favorite old programs and games from several companies that no longer exist.
STUFF -> WORDS: Soon to be the handwritten portion of this website with random writings. Right now it has one poem.
STUFF -> TAPES: Various audio cassette rips coming soon, including a rap tape I made way back in 1990 when I was 10.
STUFF -> BATCH: A much longer HOWTO guide on how to write batch, with downloadable MSDOS Games bundle with menu.

SITES -> WIFEY: A small art site I made for my wife with all of her artwork. She also did most sketches on my page.
SITES -> BSHOT: The official buckshot software website I was asked if I could create for a lil' $$. Needs updated.
SITES -> LUKES: Luke Wilson, partner in Absolute Audio, made this as our website. I'm also featuring his bandcamp.
SITES -> OLDER: This will soon have my previous 60+ represented with screenshots and info. Some have links still.
SITES -> VILLE: "The Ville Community Project" a forum system I've been thinking up for years that will never work out.
SITES -> FUNNY: I'm going to bring back some ridiculously retarded music videos and songs from my past and present.
SITES -> DOOM2: The Classic DOOM Megasite Project I've let sit dorment for years with few updates here and there.
SITES -> MUZAK: Favorite bands section again, this time with a ton of samples to try to persuade you into them too.
SITES -> MSDOS: A long list with descriptions and information of many back-in-the-day DOS Games I played. Shareware.

LINKS -> GAMES: Various links to roms, throwback games, old retro games, all other games, and id Soft-related links.
LINKS -> MUSIC: Various music composition, artists and bands, bandcamp bands, bandcamp, dungeon synth, links.
LINKS -> TECHY: Various technology links. Web design, graphic design, video editing, other things to come as well.
LINKS -> BTTNS: Neocities, my host, does this thing where we make ourselves or each other buttons to link to sites.
LINKS -> OTHER: Anything else goes here.