Though Will and I printed 1000 copies just to pass out free, my primary goal in that was to build a fanbase. So when a friend wanted one mailed to them, I'd mail them 5 to pass out to some of their other friends they thought would be interested. This shit spread, then we all of the sudden just stopped. Even though we weren't entirely about the money (obviously just the fun of doing it) I wanted to people please a little, so I blended different types of raunchula comedy with other stuff. We'd have stuff mixed up that didn't go together like homoerotic gangsta rap ("Nuttin Butt Luv 4 My Homiez") and homoerotic country ("Kept on Drivin'" and "I Never Knew"). There was a nerdy mario song about an LSD trip, and it all started with a gangster rap-style song about grocery shopping. There were also a couple of parodies, the comedic incestual "Alabama Love" parody of "California Love," as well as a parody of "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails entitled "Like A Cannibal." We even parodied "Gilligan's Island" to follow-up mentions in "Grocery Storey." There were a lot of mentions of other tracks' subject matter or titles in other songs as well. "The Lost Ninja Turtles" was a two-track series, followed by "MC Escher," that talked about the missing ninja turtles that were "kicked out of the club." We put on four shows, and in all four shows I nearly shit my pants out of stage fright. Though the subject matter was "risque" "raunch" and "shock" at the time, the shit started to go even further beyond the limits and I just sort of stopped being a part of it :) Now I'm trying to make nerd humor that's still funny. I am also working a lot of hours, and Will has a personal life.