Welcome back to the 1990's. Doom is definitely a masterpiece of its time, so much that it is still widely played and modded around the world today.

I probably wouldn't be wrong if I randomly declared it being one of if not the most downloaded pc video game of all time. If you are an old or new fan, or you are trying it out for even the very first time, then this website may be of interest. My goal in maintaining it off and on is for the purpose of being an all-inclusive informational and download site. At least, my goal is to update this attempt as a time capsule for the game. I want to make the information provided as easy to understand as possible in case of new recruits finding it useful. I know it would be nearly impossible to include ALL things doom from the internet, because of how much is out there, but I will try to include the basics and the best of the wads/mods. Also: I've completely restarted this site :(

Cheers! And happy dooming!

Feel free to shoot me an email for any reason!