DOOM WAD ATTEMPTS - dybbuk81 Some of you may laugh and some of you may be pissed off you wasted those few seconds to download and boot some of this shit up ;)
You have been warned.
The only good wads really so far are PK3 files, and they were for my wife. My wife did the doomguy illustration on the left, as well as two doomgirl watercolors on her website arts by bee.
The first is called The Unicorn Palace.

It is a basic gimmicky boss level that has an exit portal requiring six different keys. Each key is obtained by defeating one of six boss "arenas." The tunnels leading to them are script/chaos rainbow tunnels that rapidly cycle through colors of the spectrum. It's kind of challenging and kind of fun I guess. Try it!

The other is Bee's Doom. Current Bee's Doom Map Count: 6
Hall of Disappointment: Vintage95 (8 pk3 megawads of pure garbage tests)
and Nightmares of Loki 1999 -- "May it boldly stand in infamy forever!!"