GameMaker A very old MS-DOS Program for making DOS Games. I actually owned this in the box!
Twine: An interactive fiction creator recommended from our graphic designer for Buckshot
Textadventures.Co.Uk A place to publish interactive fiction, using Quest or Squiffy
Squiffy mentioned above, a simple way to write interactive fiction
Quest Forum to get help using Quest for interactive fiction
Quest download to make interactive fiction, or create online!
Inform 7 Recommended by to make interactive fiction. Supposedly dates back to the 70's?
Inform-Fiction.Org Launched 2002, Supported until 2008, and now just maintained. Inform 6!!
GameMaker Wiki for Version 6
001 Game Maker I bought this shit for like $300 on steam with all the plugins and have yet to learn most of it!
EasyGameMaker is a free tool to create online games, no coding skills required
GameMaker Studio 2 by yoyogames: Make an amazing first game step-by-step using Drag and Drop
Cyberix 3D Free Online 3D Game Maker!
Construct 3 Game making software, used by 180,000 people monthly, SELL GLOBALLY.
The Sandbox Game Maker Alpha Requires email for alpha. Coding not required. ALPHA though.
Microsoft MakeCode Arcade Save projects online, etc. Learn skillsets to level up!
IT Hare: Programming Guide for Video Gamers Apparently the writer used my links for help. Little did I know someone found them useful!
Almighty Zen Taco and his Youtube channel. There's a discord on the website. The Almighty Zen Taco does tutorials on how to use Clickteam Fusion, and he's the best.
Clickteam Fusion :: Excellent for 2D and with plugins, 3D Game Design
Unity 3D :: A Great all-around 3D Game Design program. Uses many languages you may already know.
Unreal Engine 4 :: Epic Megagames, makers of Unreal Tournament, gives you their tools
Top 10 Game Design Software Programs: Getting Started On That Long Term Project
Frostbite Engine by EA. The tech behind games like Mass Effect and Battlefield.
23 Noteworthy Engines Some have been listed already.
See Graphics Tools (further down)