01 "Phenomaly" has an intro from Pandora's Toolbox, a royalty-free loops library for ACID I've borrowed from on the past 3 releases and finally ended here. There were some eccentric waves on that cd-rom, much weirder in some cases than anything I can use here. This is a catchy guitar track with keyboard laid down later on along with sound effects stretched out. Luckily I was able to save the source files long enough to do track 14, the blue remix of this one.
02 "Vicious Cycle" I love this track. It's eerie but catchy and exactly what I liked to do back then (see "Happy Horror" later on) It has the perfect blend of keyboard and guitar that accompany each other pretty well I say. I'm proud. That is all.
03 "Plague" This raw track is purely guitar. It's catchy too, and gritty, and all that good stuff
04 "Wa/ondering" is one of the very first guitar arrangements I came up with in high school for our band "Noose." The new title replaced the old title "Suffering" because of the original chorus "Now I'm wondering something, what are you wanting, what have you done for me, absolutely nothing." I guess you could call that EMO? I'm not sure, but hey, it was called "Suffering" so there's some whine points.
05 "Heaven" was a complete outtake. I was going to use it on the Otherworldly soundtrack with a different title but honestly just tossed it out with the next one
06 "The Depths" I literally labelled the title of this "Sounds Like Car Commercial" and forgot about it. I honestly think its pretty good and with the last track grouped them up here to be released finally and officially on a numbered album with the rest.
07 "Happy Horror" As I spoke of earlier when I was talking about "Vicious Cycle" instead of being keyboard on guitar though this time its guitar over keyboard. Both catchy ass scary tracks I love it!
08 "Vintage 3005" was made in 2004, hence the one number up stupid title :) I used it in college as a backing track, once slowed down a little, for a video you can find on my No Limits Blackjack/other college projects blog post called "Rats of America PSA"
09 "The Cleansing" was once the final 30th track of chapter 1 on the Otherworldly soundtrack I'll probably never finish anyway, so I didn't want to just toss these songs and not put them anywhere. This is a very pretty guitar song.
10 "Gun In Hand" was track 2 of the new "Pandemonium" for the 4th in the Absynthium series of synth tracks. Nah. If I do ever do that album or continue that series, I'll just have new tracks. I dig it, and it doesn't need 30+ tracks to go with it to finally be out there somewhere. It's minimal, but hey, it's an interlude.
11 "The Bridge" is another track from the Otherworldly soundtrack, which I will go ahead and reveal right now that I'm giving away free at the end of this blog post today. If it's not there yet, refresh upon next entry!
12 "Palace In The Sky" is my 2nd favorite from the Otherworldly soundtrack next to Smashing Through, which now got its own album deal ;) It's all keyboard, like the next track, and its freaking BEAUTIFUL
13 "The Castle" is my second all-keyboard track in this era to be used right after the first. This one wasn't however for Otherworldly but instead a game that also never existed, but in college. Before Thanatos was an idea for Castle Kingdom. I made 2 tracks. I didn't like the other one so its nowhere.
14 "Phenomaly (Blue Mix)" Is a favorite of a lot of people, and previously was released as "BLUE" untouched on the Project Warlock OST