This album is #01 of the Noise Vaults collection I'm starting. I will keep going and going until either I'm done with music or I die. I have decided to start playing a lot of guitar again, just adding piano roll synth programming where needed for ambience, sound effects, mood setting, or in layers that go with the melody. Sometimes I won't even use the synth program Orion at all. Most of the original tracks were from 2001. This was from the beginning era after MAKINA where I physically plugged my guitar in and played stuff from my high school band I wrote but was never used. I changed all the genres from the grunge metal they originally were. I was always wanting to try Industrial but couldn't play multiple instruments at the same time nor did I know a keyboardist. Anyways, I will still do synth music. If not for myself then for soundtracks, any time I make 'em for Buckshot Software, or if any other company I commission for requests synth.

Here is the rundown, track-by-track:
01 "Sweet Sombriety" this track was made this year with the purpose of going with the rest of these tracks. The meaning of the track title is just comfortable depression, but with the throwback cover and cheezy texts seems more creepy than intended, when its intent was to be a dark mood. Since these tracks were remade in 2001 from the 90's, the moods changed to some of them though. Shit got catchy!
02 "Angel With Horns" the original was in 2001, this version had a few layers and instruments added two years back then was finally finished just before I put this album on bandcamp. The original had lyrics and the track took over 2 months with over 150 layers in its source files. I had since been cut in half as I didn't want lyrics in these tracks, and didn't like the lyrics or vocals to begin with.
03 "Cornua" this piano roll piece is from the end of Angel With Horns. This is a direct continuation of the track to welcome to the next. I used piano roll so I could add layers and so it sounded perfect like a machine did it. In the previous track it was all played by hand.
04 "Anti" In the 90s when these were to be played by my band Noose, this track was called Antieverything. Believe it or not, the actual guitar I put to this was originally played even faster. I do have another version of it to come later on a remix album possibly to be called "Mutations 1" or "Sombre Mutations"
05 "The Nihil" this is a continuation of "Anti" that is pure synth with just a little bit of guitar. Its like a shorter sequel to keep it going a little bit, but also stand alone as its own song. I really like the vibe of it all the way through. It has mostly synth this time, and does stand out seperately from the previous track.
06 "Porcupine" I honestly forget the original title to this one, but the lyrics in 2001 were just a poem about a bullied being that is never left alone, snaps, and fights back, hence the title.
07 "Wasps" sounds like someone took a track derived from the sound of both the Nine Inch Nails singles "March of the Pigs" and "Closer to God". It ends in swarming bees. That beat later on though...
08 "Golden" This is hard to play on the guitar to me now, especially this fast. I was going to do a raw version of it that has no cuts in the recording layers. It starts out after the intro melody slightly like Nirvana's "Heart Shaped Box" but is hopefully a lot different about the third chord in. It was all played with one hand originally, and I'd never hit stop and add a new part with different settings. Just the same ole' boring guitar. When I can practice it just right, however, it will be on one of my upcoming free/"name your price" remix albums.
09 "Golden, Extension" is just Golden with the parts rearranged and more catchy stuff like more chopped up drum layers added
10 "Sycamore/1993" I found this and the tape recording at the end on a tape from 1993 that had both songs. The tape excerpt was left as is in the same dirty quality from said cassette. The first was ran through the "new process" I ran all the others through, and the melody brought back sweet memories. It also matches with the cover's autumn theme a little.
11 "Entity" was an outtake from the same period when I did all the other tracks. It has a cool feel to it it was just too basic for my taste at the time to go with something I was trying to prove myself with. Actually now that I think about it, it was made for a friend who is no longer that wanted me to do a metal rap group backing track. Their rap duo was to be called "Entity" of course.
12 "Whiplash" was the other track. It was also made for Entity, a group that never existed, as neither did my band.
13 "Distant Glow+" The plus marks the appendage. This track has a lot of added synth and drum to make it less boring, even though it was meant to be slow and sombre. The appendage is all the synth parts and drum parts with the original stuff added in later with more drums.
14 "Sweet Eulogy" I made this on-the-fly to end the album. I freaking loved it!
That's all folks! Hope you enjoyed "Sweet Sombriety" the album! If you did please download it free in any format or toss in a dollar to both pay respects as a donation and to have it playable on a free bandcamp app on your phone, since it seems to be the requirement.