Nightmares of Loki

I'm just going to pretend this wasn't one of the worst things to happen to the Doomworld archives, and talk about Nightmares of Loki that way :) I spent four years on this, but not all the time, just here and there. I will 100% admit I was drinking a few times. It was late high school. I also was high a couple of times, or more. Things always look and sound better before you show others, then you get all self-conscious. I didn't fully develop my skills yet, so I made up for it by making the levels gigantic and puzzly to throw you off from the fact that I wasn't ready to make a real megawad. For many years this was my last. Let's talk about it:

Nightmares of Loki had no story. I made one up last minute like I did all my mods because I was never focused on the story until I started planning mods years later. The music was SUPPOSED to be my own MIDIs but my MIDI-capable port didn't last very long, or the cord shorted. I was also in high school, so just going out and buying needed stuff all the time didn't happen. So I was able to make it sound better anyway by downloading nine inch nails and other sorts of MIDIs and using stuff from Duke 3D and Final Doom. At least the music was DIFFERENT. One of the more annoying sounds was my dad screaming into the microphone, reversed, and echo added like 20 times. That is what we call an elephant dying. Other than that, I did have some good mouth sounds, like the elevators, doors, and some of the stuff dying or walking. My favorite part that wasn't any one else's, was the texture schemes. I was recoloring stuff the easy way, that's certain, but I was trying to piece color schemes together. I mean they hurt your eyes and the sequel was about to look 10x better before the storm of bad reviews hit this one and I quit, but hey!

I had just got Hexen in '96 so as you can see the first level was a carbon copy of those portals, as well as the puzzle idea coming from playing Hexen for the first time. This was year one. I called the game Doom Legacy until I later discovered the source port. I was young and not that creative, and the name served a source port way better anyway, so having been in mythology class on year 2 or 3 of making this, I used the god Loki's name. Nowadays there's a full-on Loki series, so if I do happen to reboot this as Otherworldly, my newer post-N.O.L. plot/soundtrack/level idea, I need to change his name too. That would have been the only resemblence and connection to this mod, but I think it's time to let go of it.

Anyways, its a rainbow mess with a lot of puzzles and I released it in the day of source ports when shit like this was considered disposable since it didn't even follow the 'vanilla throwback' genre path. Ok I'm just making excuses now, it totally sucked!

Download it to see why

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