Welcome to my front page. There are six sites here which are my current projects. The first is about to be more handwritten, so it's getting a mild makeover. Soon I will have 1x1 iframes of each page on the bottom in a microscopic little grid so that all the pages can be refreshed at once. So if you have been here before it would be wise upon every visit to ALWAYS hold control and hit F5 before entering.

This website is home to The Noise Vaults, some redux and originals of my guitar creations using the software ACID. It is also the home to The Absynthium Collective which I have created in EPs that make up bigger double disc LPs, all using programmed synthesizers to sound more like soundtracks. Speaking of soundtracks, thirdly, this site is home to the Official Project Warlock Soundtrack and a few other musical and gaming things.

The bottom has a 60-track media player that allows you to sample a bunch of my tracks before you even enter any of the websites. My personal main site is the first site, the Dybbuk81 alias site. Soon I will have ads to the right of the media player for a little something called NOISEBOX ONE. This will be a 500+ MP3 USB Flash drive product advert sold through trepstar.com featuring ALL of my music. My thoughts currently are selling it for just $30 so you have a physical item to support me on your shelf. You can show it off. Hell you can even copy some tracks for a couple of friends it doesn't really bother me. My stuff is free online anyway now!