dybbuk81 has been my internet alias on places like doomworld for a while. I originally used the jewish folklore entity dybbuk himself in 2000 also for doom, and for some music and mixes. I work at the United States Postal Service and have this time since June of 2019. Name? Jerry Lehr. If you've ever played Project Warlock you'd recognize my name in the credits along with Luke Wilson who I enlisted for the main theme, hub theme, and half of the hell theme. We are co-creators of the second soundtrack for game 2, splitting it right down the middle.

I've made a lot of music over the years, and that's mainly the reasoning behind still having a website beyond the teenage years. I started in 2000 on computers, 2001 plugged my guitar in, and 2005 on synth. I've owned a guitar, the same guitar, since 1995. Speaking of 1995, I have old doom mods STILL here that royally sucked ass but for nostalgia's sake needed a home. I hope to make better ones someday soon or at least start on a few major ideas I've had.

I attended college at ITT Technical Institute before it went under, and earned an associate's in multimedia before quitting and not following through with the expensive game design degree. Strangely this all paid off, as by being in the right places at the right times I landed the second job I have doing soundtracks. I also soundtracked three games in college, available here as well, and this is officially how I got my start.