The Convicted Murderer Dale Wayne Eaton
Since their daughter's death in 1988, the Kimmell family wanted to know who was responsible for such a heinous act. As months would turn into years, it would see as though Lisa's case was simply going to be another cold case that might never be solved.

A random DNA retest some sixteen years later would give police the lead they had needed for so long. The DNA hit matched a man named Dale Wayne Eaton. Eaton was in prison for another charge when this match was made.

Authorities went to question Eaton about the disappearance and murder of Lisa, however Eaton was uncooperative.  The police knew they needed more information against Eaton before they could formally charge him with Lisa's murder, so they began to search for others who may have known Eaton.

A former neighbor would tell police that she had seen Eaton digging a large hole in his front yard around the time Lisa Kimmell disappeared in 1988. She verified this information from a diary that she kept. Police would dip up the yard and find Lisa's CRX that had been missing for sixteen years.  Eaton had dug an eight foot hole and placed Lisa's vehicle inside.

After the car was located, and the DNA match, a hand writing expert tested the letter that had been found on Lisa Marie Kimmell's grave in 1989, one year after Lisa's death. The hand writing expert concluded that the letter matched hand writing samples from Dale Wayne Eaton. It would now be time to try Eaton murder.

Dale Wayne Eaton's trial finally began in 2003. The jury found  Eaton guilty of the murder of Lisa Marie Kimmell. They would go onto set the penalty for Lisa's murder at death.  Eaton remains on death row awaiting his execution.

It is believed by many that Lisa Marie Kimmell was not the only victim of Dale Wayne Eaton. Many believe that Eaton has killed several other young women. Eaton refuses to cooperate with authorities to help locate other missing women or talk about other unsolved murders.

With the identity of Lisa's killer finally known, the Kimmell family can begin to put their minds at ease, although there will never be closure for what happened to Lisa. May Lisa Marie Kimmell rest in peace. Justice was finally found!!!
Dale Wayne Eaton
Lisa Marie Kimmell's Murderer
Letter left by Dale Wayne Eaton on Lisa Kimmell's grave after her death
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