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Banker: National Bank of Pakistan. City Branch 0405. Sialkot 51310. Pakistan

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Manufacturers and Exporters of Quality Musical Goods, Vellum Drum Heads, and Scottish Wear, Drum Major Mace, Pipe Band Dress Accessories Since 1957.

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We are leading Manufacturers and Wholesale Exporters of all products below

Bagpipe, Practice Chanter, Bagpipe Drone Cords, Bombard Chanter, Balmorals Hat, Glengarry Cap, Beret Cap, Tam O Shanter, Embroidery Badges, Prince Charlie Jackets, Pipe Band Doublets, Waist Belt, Cross Belt, Buckles, Traditional Tartan Kilts, Utility Modern Kilt, Kilt Pin, Kilt Belt, Plaid Brooch, Piper Plaids, Sporrans, Horse Hair Sporrans, Hoses (Socks), Ghillie Brogues ,Diced Hose Tops, Sgain Dubhs, Dirks, Embroidery Badges, Musical Instruments, Lyre Harp, Vellum Drum Heads, Vellum Parchments, etc 




Black Ebony Wood Bagpipe 

Cocus Wood Bagpipes

Rose Wood Bagpipe

Toy Bagpipe

Goose Practice Set

Dummy Bagpipes



Image result for practice chanter sialkot Image result for practice chanter sialkot

       Pipe Chanters 

Chanter Reeds

Practice Chanters

Bombard Chanter






 Image result for bombard chanter


1 key Bombard Chanter  


Rosewood Bombard Chanter

Bombard Chanter Reeds

  Ebony Wood Bombard Chanter


 bagpipe drone silk wool cord manufacturers in sialkot pakistan   

Bagpipe Drone Silk Cords 

Velvet Bagpipe Cover   

Bagpipe Drone Wool Cords 

Bagpipe Drone Reeds



 Marching Sticks (Mace)

Drum Major Gauntlets

Leopard Skin (synthetic)

Sam Brown's Belts

















 Image result for glengarry cap Circular Mounted Chrome Lion Glengarry/Balmoral Cap Badge Measures 2" (5cm) x 2" (5cm) Pin at the back to secure it onto your hatImage result for balmorals cap Image result for irish tri color plums sialkot 

Highland Glengarry Cap 

Feather Plums 

Balmorals Cap

Metal Cap Badges


 Image result for waist belt for piper Image result for piper cross belts Image result for piper cross belts

Waist Belts

Cross Belt

Piper and Drummers

  Image result for kilt pin st andrew sialkot

Scottish Kilts 

Kilt Pin

Utility Men Kilt

Kilt Belt


















 Image result for thistle brooch sialkot Image result for fly plaid royal stewart sialkot

Fly Plaid 


Piper Plaid

Sock Flasher
















 Image result for black leather sporrans sialkotImage result for sporrans sialkot

Image result for black wood bagpipe sialkot

Dress Sporrans

Semi Dress Sporrans

bit Skins Sporrans

Horse Hair Sporrans




































 Image result for piper spats sialkot Image result for diced hose top sialkot Image result for sgian dubhs sialkot


Ghille Brogue

Diced Hose Top

Sgain Dubhs  and Dirk

























Piper Doublet

Drummer Doublet

Pipe Band Doublet












 Image result for prince charlie kilt jacket 

Prince Charlie Kilt Jacket

Argyll Kilt Jacket

Waist Coat




Image result for prince charlie kilt jacket










 Image result for tambourines

Headless Tambourines

Vellum Drum Heads

Tambourines w/skins











 Image result for vellum drum heads

Vellum Drum Heads

      Made of Goat and Calf Skins in Various Sizes White and Transparent









 Image result for furniture parchments

Furniture Parchment

Vellum Parchment

Parchment Skins






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