How Do We "Walk the Way of the Wolf?"

  1. What is meant by "walking the way of the wolf?" First of all, it does NOT mean to run about on all fours, and howl at the moon, although howling is a perfectly excellent activity; it releases pent-up frustrations and anger. It creates community, as voices blend together, trust, as people close their eyes to sing.

    Howling is informative, and evocative; it never lies, nor does it deceive. And, even though it is in another language, still does it communicate its intent with all peoples. Everyone with a soul understands the howl..

    So what does it mean?

    When I walk the way of the wolf, then:

    1. I shall remember to play, to laze a bit, to sing, to hunt when I am hungry, to grow & learn, to teach the young, to heal when it is possible, and to let go when I cannot.

    2. I shall become & remain aware: of my self, my kin, my community, and my land.

    3. I shall become and remain courteous & respectful: of my self, my kin, my community, and my land.

    4. I shall analyze & assess my self & my talents every day, and use these to the very best of my ability.

      Though I am not invulnerable, nor omniscient, I shall become like the blind man, whose other abilities sharpen & become acute In this way, my weaknesses will become the source of my strength.

    5. I shall become & remain in good health, to the maximum of my abilities. Also: I shall not willingly or knowingly pollute, harm, or damage my self, my kin, my community, or my land. Having said so, I shall remember that there are consequence to all I say and do.

    6. I shall become & remain a true hunter, who respects the land and its biological treasures, and who never takes except when needed, or causes undue pain, and who always gives back something.

    7. I shall become & remain a true warrior, who knows when to fight and when to yield, who becomes & remains a living weapon (to the extent which my body is capable of), and who knows a true warrior makes no war, but only supports, defends, and protects his people.

    8. I shall not harm when holding is enough; I shall not damage when harming is enough; I shall not maim when damage is enough; I shall not kill when maiming is enough. Always: the wisest warrior knows when not to kill.

    9. I shall not touch, nor push, nor crowd, nor offend, nor strike or attack any other person, except for defense, for honour, when needed, or with his or her permission.

      But also: I shall not be touched, nor crowded, nor pushed, nor offended, nor struck or attacked by any other person, except in defense, or for honour, when needed, or without my permission.

    I shall always:
    1. be assertive, but not aggressive.

    2. be firm, but not rude.

    3. be able and willing to say "no," but with courtesy.

    4. consider all consequences if they are known to me, and I shall, as far as possible, find out what I do not know.

    5. I shall be the expression of my honour: I shall not willingly or knowingly offend, shame, insult, nor dishonour my kin, my community, nor my allies.

      But I shall remember that it is not possible to shame the shameless, dishonour the dishonourable, nor offend the offensive. So I shall not lie, nor steal, nor cheat, break my word, nor sell my self for petty reward. I shall think & consider before I speak or act.

      And I will always remember that:

    • "The strength of the wolf is the Pack; the strength of the Pack is the Wolf." Group before self before strangers will remain the integral core of my reality.

    • I will support, defend, care for the group before my self, because only in this way shall I truly and fairly support, defend, and care for my self in the best way possible, for the Pack is made up of individuals, and without each wolf, there is no Pack.

      For that is the nature of the wolf.   "And when we try, and if we fail, it's not the end, you see; just say you're sorry, pay the price, and try again with me."
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