Yes, here is some Cobs for Creatures 2. There isn't much here at the moment...but I'll be making some more stuff soon.

Paratrooper-norn toy

Do you remember those old paratrooper-solder toys? They were a little plastic soldier type dude with a plastic kids have fun watching them float to the ground. (how come people lose the ability with age to find pointless activities like this fun?) Well, anyway, I created a little norn version for you and your norns to play with! Enjoy!

The Official Pointless Thing cob

In my quest for silliness I have come up with the most pointless cob! It's pretty self explanatory...yet still demands an explanation of some sort...but I'm not gonna give you one. You're just gonna have to download it and be confused for yourself.

Basically, everything on this page will be for C2. However, if you make Creatures 1 or Creatures 3 cobs/agents and you need a site to host them on, contact me.


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