Ack! More Stuff! =)First off, the Nice K-man was nice enough to let me post his new Genome: the Xigan norns! This is the first C3 download on my page too! =) As allways for most of my downloads, you'll need Winzip to extract them.

The Xigan Norns

The Xigan Norns are a new genome for C3. Here's K-man's description of the Xigan norns:... "The Xigan norns have controled aging. When attacked and wounded, life chemical is used to heal the wound. In this way, the physical age of a Xigan norn can be controled.
There are differant colors in EVERY life stage. (Differant being other than the defult CL colors.) They change to a gender-spesific color at breeding age. (youth)
Consuming alcohol and cynade will help replace life chemical, but be carful, as the cynade will still have an effect on the norns!"

Download the Xigan norns

Secondly, there's my own work, a new breed: The Phantom Norns. The Phantom norns are in actuallity just a blank norn sprite set, for all of you out there who have ever wanted a norn without a head, or with out legs, etc. As usual, it's zipped so you'll need a utility to unzip it, and also as usual, read the readme. Enjoy! =)

Download the Phantom norns


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