How does TVU Networks revolutionize video ingest and clipping for ANI?

The premier multimedia news agency in South Asia, ANI, has successfully merged with TVU Networks' AI-powered platforms, TVU MediaMind and TVU Search. This ground-breaking partnership improves ANI's video production techniques, allowing quick and engaging news delivery.

TVU Networks' solutions accelerate content discovery and let ANI's news teams to concentrate on great storytelling by using AI for video metadata analysis, audio recognition, text processing, and face recognition. The astounding increase of 630% in the number of video hours consumed by TVU MediaMind and TVU Search in 2022 over 2021 indicates the rising importance of cloud technologies in content development.

The connection gives ANI access to real-time news updates through live ingest feeds, clipping functionalities, and the TVU Search engine. Automatic uploading of clipped video footage to ANI's AWS S3 Bucket ensures quick and simple news updates on their recently created multimedia web page.

The use of TVU's all-in-one platform has significantly increased ANI's operational effectiveness by swapping out labor-intensive manual procedures for a centralized method of managing video material. Through this relationship, ANI is able to automate the process of improving its data intake capabilities, enhancing its multimedia offerings and increasing audience engagement.

The collaboration between ANI and TVU Networks has transformed the video intake and trimming procedures, providing ANI's clients with high-quality news. In order to produce timely and interesting news, TVU MediaMind and TVU Search have become crucial parts of the news creation process at ANI.

Mr. Ishan Prakash, Editor of ANI Live Services, expressed his delight with TVU's solution, saying, "TVU supplied us with a rapid and effective solution to satisfy our editing team's urgent demands. Their ingest and clipping solution establishes new benchmarks in terms of efficiency, dependability, and quality, allowing us to provide ANI subscribers across South Asia a top-notch multimedia offering. Technology partners like TVU are essential to our technical developments as ANI develops its news agency offerings. Technology at TVU continuously reflects shifting patterns of news consumption.

TVU Networks CEO Paul Shen said, "We are really thrilled to engage with ANI on their transformational path in news creation. We are proud of the recognition and importance ANI has put on our technology. The adoption of TVU MediaMind and TVU Search by ANI demonstrates the value of the cloud-native and hybrid technologies we are working to build for remote production. We are delighted to collaborate with ANI, a major media organization that shares our forward-looking approach for news production. 

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