What are the Different Types of Wooden Doors?

Doors are an important element of a house. It plays a major role in providing safety and security. Also, it acts as a noise barrier when there are heavy chances of too much noise outside of your home. Doors allow people to let them in and out and they provide enough lighting and ventilation to your home.

No other types of doors give an equivalent match to the wooden doors. Most homeowners choose wooden doors because of their aesthetic look and several characteristics. This type of door is extremely sturdy and can able to withstand several years of heavy use. Also, they provide more insulation and keep your homes cool and hot as needed.

The following are some of the different types of wooden doors which are available in the market.

Paneled Doors:

This type of door is one of the classic wooden door designs which is mainly used for residential properties. The frame of this door type is made of wood, while the shutter panels can have glass, plywood, or any hardboard inserts in order to give an excellent look. There are several panel interior doors are available for modern homes that include standard whole-panel, three-panel mission, and five-panel equal doors. Paneled doors are suitable for all types of environments, which makes this door more popular among homeowners.

Bifold Doors:

Wooden bifold doors are the perfect choice for restaurants, hotels, or any other room that depend on the spacious lobbies or balconies, which are extended to the outer deck. Bifold door styles comprise a pair of doors hinged together with a foldable panel. This gives an unrestricted view of the outside environment, and they are also ideal for business premises where an adjustable wall has to be incorporated without the hassle of building a new one. This type of door offers the perfect approach to opening up the room to the external environment where natural light can find its way into the home.

French Doors:

French doors are a unique door style, whose traditional design adds a warm look and charming touch to the enclosed space. This type of door serves as the main front door of most stores and businesses. In this door type, three to four hinges are used to bind the doors for a hassle-free opening on both sides. You can use the glass panels to highlight the design and these types of doors are used as an exterior patio door in order to make your home area look livelier and brighter.

Laminated Core Flush Doors:

Laminated core flush woods are perfect for business owners when they are looking for wooden doors that can withstand up to heavy wear and tear. These solid core doors are popular for their fire resistance, and they are equipped with fine grain patterns of wood veneer in order to withstand any humidity changes.


Doors are a prominent aspect of any building. From the above, you can get a piece of detailed knowledge about wooden door types, and it will be helpful in selecting the best one for your home. 

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