What are the Most Common Plumbing Problems You Face in Your Home?

Modern plumbing in your home is an excellent advancement in human civilization, but it can often experience several serious issues. If those problems are not solved at the right time, it can cause serious plumbing problems and makes you spend hundreds of bucks on repairs. Some of the plumbing problems can be repaired on your own, while others need plumbing professionals to fix them. If you are looking for an Etobicoke plumber, Mister Plumber is an excellent option, and they offer plumbing services to their customers 24/7 without any overcharge. The following are some of the common plumbing problems you face in your home.

Blocked Pipes and Drains:

Blockages in your home drains and pipes are one of the most common plumbing issues that you will experience in your home. This can be frustrating, and it prevents sewage and water from draining properly and leads to your pipes smelling over time. Simple clogs can be taken care of for minor clogs in your toilet, sink, or shower drain. However, for major problems, it is best to call a professional Etobicoke plumber to avoid severe problems.

Running Toilet:

A clogged toilet can be annoying, and a toilet that runs constantly can cost you more money over your time. Your toilet will constantly waste freshwater as it continually flushes itself. If you found this problem in your toilet, you should contact a plumber immediately.

Leaking Shower:

Leaking showers are another issue that can cause an increase in your water bill. There are several types of issues causing this, from your water valve being out of place to the entire shower head is poorly installed. If you don’t know the exact reason for your shower leak, call up the plumber and allow them to inspect your shower thoroughly.

Blocked Sewers:

Blocked sewers are one of the major issues and it results in a serious clog in your plumbing system. This can be caused due to severe storms, and it happens if tree roots, or large chunks of ground interact with the sewer line directly. It is important that you never try to fix your own sewer line because it results in creating further damage and lead to costly repairs. Also, if you notice terrible sounds around your home or any other signs of blocked sewer problems, contact your plumber for help.

Low Water Pressure:

A certain amount of calcium is in your water, but if it is high it can cause sediment buildups over time and leads to blocked pipes and low water pressure. If your shower or sink is not expelling more amount of water, it may have a bad calcium buildup in your plumbing. Cleaning with the vinegar solution can help in resolving this issue but this will not help if the sediment buildup is deeper inside the pipes.


Plumbers are always helpful in resolving any type of plumbing issues in your home. From the above, you can get a piece of detailed knowledge about the most common plumbing problems that you will face in your home. 

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