What are the different types of mats available?

Floor mats are not only used for décor purposes. They also help us in protecting the floor and aid us to walk or stand on the floor with better grip and comfort. When you go for choosing mats, you can get a lot of varieties. You should know about each one of them so that you can get the right type of mat for you. With this in mind, let us discuss the different types of mats you can get for your home, office, industry, etc. that help you with better comfort.

What are the different types of mats available?

There are five popular mat types used commonly in the home and office areas. They are:

• Classic Mats
• Logo Mats
• Anti-Fatigue Mats
• Brush and Scraper Mats
• Medical Mats

Classic Mats

They are simple old-fashioned mats made up of natural or artificial fibers. It is primarily used to protect against the entry of dust and wetness on the floor. These mats aren’t spread across a hall. But they are put at the entrance to avoid the spreading of dust. They are very efficient in absorbing wetness and are widely used in every household.

Logo Mats

Logo mats are an interesting way to display your interest or to popularize your brand. These are usual mats but imprinted with a picture or logo as per the requirement of the user. You can order online with businesses like Ultimate mats which will ship your favorite picture or logo or even quotes in the mats to your doorstep.

Anti-Fatigue mats

These mats are an effective way to get complete relief from pain in the ankles and feet. Workspaces that require long hours of standing can use this anti-fatigue mat to get comfort. The mat is made up of a special design and material that conforms to the contour of our foot. So, when we stand on this mat, the material conforms to the foot and it will avoid all the side effects of long time standing.

Brush and Scraper Mats

As the name suggests, these mats will have bristles like a brush and scraper which helps in scraping away all the dust and debris from the shoes. It is widely used in spaces that require extra cleanliness and avoids dirt. Mostly these mats are placed outside before entering the shop or office building to prevent frequent cleaning of the space.

Medical Mats

These are used in health care facilities to prevent contamination from dirt or other biohazards. These mats promote sterilization and aid you with a non-slippery floor. It also reduces noise and vibration while walking or running.


These are the different types of mats used widely in the world for various purposes. Some facilities might need all these types in each part and some might need only a few types.   

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